To research the science behind the latest current/potential treatments and immunology of Covid-19. It’s hard to research a lot by yourself so working collaboratively would be more efficient, and to create a community.
So that we can contribute however little we can: by way of being an observer to current research, or researching less pressing but still important like what covid-19 impacts on a tangent (economy, climate change, how the world is changing (lifestyle, priorities of people, effects on AI, ML digital becoming more in demand, etc)
every individual matters. individuals over the greater good.

A Guide to the above subpages:
The subpage is for the most important practical questions like where and how to get a specific drug according to one’s location and the logistics; and policies about drug.
The most important subpages on treatments are current treatments, immune factors that are being discovered like how Vitamin D is useful, potential treatments. Country-specific treatments that aren’t official are also under Current Treatments.

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