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School Closure Lesson Schedule

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Replace the parent/caregiver name in the Parents page by clicking in the name column and inviting them to this doc. You can also add / delete names.
In the Parent Job List, you can add new jobs if you plan on customizing the schedule. Right now the schedule is set up to start Monday, March 16 2020. It will automatically alternate jobs between all of the parents/caregivers listed.
In the Lessons page, you can add or replace lessons under each category (Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading/Language Arts). Only change the Name field - all of the other columns are calculated and will power the random lesson generator.
Note: Once each subject's lessons have been completed, you can use the Reset button to start over. But you probably will want to add new lessons to each section to avoid repeats.
In the Full Schedule page, you can change or reorder activities and add more days.

Daily Use

Go to the Today page
Select the date from the date picker
Click on each of the lesson buttons to randomly generate a lesson you've loaded in the Lessons page.
Note: If the lesson selection button is greyed out, that means you've gone through all of the lessons loaded. See Step 3 in the Setup section above to reset or add more lessons.
As your kids complete each activity, check the box!
Go to the My Jobs page to see what you're responsible for today
Click the green "Done" button when you've completed the job!
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