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ORIGINAL - 10 Things That Kill Your Website Conversion And How To Fix Them

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How To Make Clear Copywriting Your Superpower

⚠️ Cause: Your website content is more confusing than a maze in the dark.
💊 Rx: Write clear, straightforward, and high-converting copy.

I often hear from business owners who say their website visitors didn't make a purchase because they were confused. They didn't vibe with the language on the site. And let's be real: if they can't grasp what you're offering, they're not going to buy it. So, why do we see this maze of confusion on so many websites? The truth is writing in a clear, engaging way is more challenging than it seems.

Let's explore why some writers struggle to make their message crystal clear:

Many people get caught up in the nitty-gritty of punctuation, focusing on avoiding mistakes rather than conveying a clear message.

A lot of us are influenced by academic writing styles. We've been taught to sound sophisticated and intellectual, but often, this style is not reader-friendly and can really put a damper on your website's effectiveness.

So, how can we write in a way that truly resonates with our audience?

Amidst all the confusing advice out there, it's crucial to learn the art of clear and impactful writing. I'm going to share some fabulous tools and techniques that can really elevate your writing game.

Prescription #1: Talk before you write. If clear writing feels like climbing Everest, try this: 🗣️

Speak before you write. If you find it challenging to write clearly, try this approach:
Hit record and just talk it out like you’re having a coffee chat.
Get that recording transcribed. I recommend _____________.
Edit your transcript and weave it into your website copy. You can even include the video on your page.
Do an A/B test with your new page to see if these changes have boosted your profits.

Prescription #2: Keep an eye on cognitive load; reading is a brain workout. 🤯

When someone reads, their brain processes and interprets words, but with limited short-term memory space. It struggles with more than about fifteen words at a time.

To cut down on brain burnout, here’s what you do:
Keep your sentences short and direct to the point.

Tighten up your sentences. Keep your subjects and verbs close, like best buddies. For example, Instead of saying, 'The following holistic practices can significantly contribute to overall well-being: yoga, meditation, and a plant-based diet.' you can make it clearer by saying, 'Yoga, meditation, and a plant-based diet are reported to have a positive impact on your health.'

Ditch the fluff. Every word should earn its keep for easy reading. When in doubt, delete it.

Use active verbs instead of nominalization (where verbs are turned into nouns). For instance, 'chat' instead of chatting,' 'explore' instead of 'an exploration,' and 'test' instead of a test.’

Make abstract sentences tangible. Ask yourself, “If this was a movie scene, what would I point the camera at?” Then, use action verbs to describe it.

End with a bang. Put the punchline of your sentence at the end. If you're bolding or italicizing for emphasis, you’re doing it wrong. Rearrange it so the power word lands last.

When in doubt, structure your sentences in a way that the human brain easily understands: a living entity doing something, perhaps to another entity. In conversion copywriting, these entities are often you (the reader) and we (the company). It's a simple structure but incredibly effective!

For example, if you're writing copy for a skincare product:
Original Sentence: "Our skincare product is designed to improve your skin's texture."
Restructured Sentence: “We put our heart into crafting this skincare product so you can glow up that silky-smooth skin!”
In the revised sentence, "we" (the company) is the living entity doing the action (crafting the product), and "you" (the reader) reaping the benefits (with smoother skin). This structure personalizes the message and makes it more engaging by presenting a clear interaction between the reader and the company.

Using sentence fragments can give your copy a natural and relatable tone, exactly how you want your copy to sound.

Use slang; it’s basically a way to chat in a casual and relaxed way, without having to drop f-bombs. It's all about being friendly and approachable in your conversation style.

Use contractions; it is a quick and easy way to make your writing more conversational.
For example. Replace You are with You’re, They are with They’re WE are, with We’re, It is with It’s, It will, with It’ll, Do not with Don’t, Should not with Shouldn’t and I am with I’m.

Prescription No.3: Revitalize Your Writing With These Resources 💼

– this is your grammar and punctuation bible, plus it's loaded with tips for readability.

– this isn’t just writing; it’s crafting words that work.

–the ultimate toolkit of literary techniques.

– simple techniques for crafting great phrases, also great as an audiobook.

– makes your writing bold and clear, showing you where you’re getting too complex.

– it's the proofreading champ we use daily. It's not perfect, but it’s a lifesaver for catching overlooked mistakes.

There you have it, my friends! Writing clearly is an art, but with these tips and tools, you're well on your way to transforming your website content from confusing to converting. Keep shining and keep writing!

Additional Notes:
Get to know your buyers by conducting interviews, so you have pages of material to draw upon to authentically connect with your ideal clients from a place of true compassion and understanding. This will work to inspire your web copy, where you find and connect with your ideal clients, your sales and promotional materials, and your ability to sell effectively. You should do this for every new product, service, or offering you create.

It’s important to stay emotionally connected to your users by keeping their fears and aspirations in mind as you create, market, and sell your products and services.

Step into their shoes. Look at life through their eyes. What primary emotion, or set of emotions, do they feel at the exact moment they’re about to buy your product or service? What are they saying to themselves in their head? What specific words and phrases are they using? What story are they telling themselves? Write everything that comes to mind.
Get going, and trust that you’ll evolve as you grow.

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