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Wilson's Guide to Adding New Shopify Products
This doc provides a reliable and straightforward way to create new products on Shopify.
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This doc is basically a warehouse. I run an e-commerce startup, where every week I’m adding new products and variants (SKUs for different sizes, colors, etc). I manage it all with one central table and a button to update Shopify directly.

The idea is simple; add the product and variant information in the “New Products” and “New Variants” tables and push the respective button!


  • We start by inputting the product and variant information in the New Products section
  • The New Variants section stores the data of all variants created
  • We define our Product Type, Vendor name and Tags in the Tables section

Meet Wilson Silva

Relentless status quo challenger. TV series enthusiast. World record holder in numbers of tabs open at the same time in Chrome.

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All your information in one place. Coda tables talk to each other, so everyone can work off their own view, off the same data.
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Wilson's Guide to Adding New Shopify Products
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