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Wilson's Guide to Adding New Shopify Products

This doc provides a reliable and straightforward way to create new products on Shopify.


This doc is basically a warehouse. I run an e-commerce startup, where every week I’m adding new products and variants (SKUs for different sizes, colors, etc). I manage it all with one central table and a button to update Shopify directly.


We start by inputting the product and variant information in the section
The section stores the data of all variants created
We define our Product Type, Vendor name and Tags in the section

Other Features

The variants table also has a "master" button that will push all the "Create Variant" and "Set Inventory" buttons in sequence
The "New Products" and "New Variants" tables are in one section so the user can see better how the products relate to which variant
Shopify stores the inventory data in a different table, that's why we need a specific button for setting the inventory quantity
The filters in the new products and new variants help the user see which products have not been created yet (the button will be active) and can condensate the data
The more you use this doc, the more powerful it will become! That happens because you will be able to duplicate rows of similar products and save even more time

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