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Wedding Checklist with Reminders For Your Partner
This checklist is all about communicating to your partner that there are things he or she needs to do in order for you to move forward on your wedding tasks.
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Wedding checklists and communicating with your partner

Being engaged is a wonderful thing, but there’s no denying that there’s lots of work involved in the wedding planning process. And sometimes, there’s a discrepancy in who’s bearing the brunt of the project management work.

This template is all about communication and holding your partner accountable for their share of the planning. With major wedding components broken down into a sub-set of manageable tasks, plus built-in reminders for your partner, you can keep your wedding planning on track.

Wedding planning resources

See more in the Planning Philosophy of the template about communicating with your partner and emotional labor. Additionally, read this blog post from Betches about including your partner in your wedding planning process.

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Wedding Checklist with Reminders For Your Partner
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