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Wedding Checklist with Reminders For Your Partner

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Planning Philosophy

Tasks need to be broken down

As you plan your wedding, something that may seem simple like "order the save-the-dates" actually consists of a few steps. This task involves having your full list of guest names, their addresses and formal salutations, and picking the right design are just some of the small tasks that "ordering save-the-dates" depends on. Rarely can a task like this be done in isolation without your partner, which brings us to the next section...

Detailed tasks require your partner to be involved

In order to get a full list of guest names to order your save-the-dates, you're going to need your partner's guests! If you are using this template, chances are you are the one "project managing" the wedding and pushing your partner to get tasks done. All you need from him or her is their list of guests, but maybe they slack on getting you the names and you're unable to move to the next step of ordering save-the-dates. How do you empower your partner to get their job done?

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