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Omnicodoro - Omnifocus, Coda, and Pomodoro
This template combines projects, tasks, and Pomodoros. Get the best features of Omnifocus, Coda, and Pomodoro all in one place.
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Project, Time, and Task Tracking

This template has Projects, Tasks, and Pomodoros. Projects are nested units of responsibility that span many weeks or months. Tasks are an atomic unit of work that needs to be completed under some project. Pomodoros are units of time (25 mins) that are tracked against projects. A lot of the stylistic choices behind this template are based on Getting Things Done (GTD). If you know the workflow, you will align with many things in this template.

Main sections in this template

  • Tasks - represent “Next Actions” to be taken towards some goal. They should be granular enough to complete them in one sitting.
  • Projects - should be used for responsibilities that cannot be completed in a single task, but rather require many tasks. The two main attributes of projects are the Status and the Pomodoro Weekly Distribution.
  • Pomodoros - are units of time that represent a productive sitting. They are traditionally 25 minutes of focused work, followed by 5 minutes of relaxing, standing up, or tending to small and easy tasks. This template allows goals per week (time commitments) to be set for projects. This allows you to track how well you have achieved your weekly goals. Time is tracked against projects, since reporting should be done on a project level.


Meet Lloyd Montgomery

I am a PhD Researcher in Hamburg Germany, studying Requirements Engineering. I research the intersection of customer needs analysis and computer-supported work to help make better software products.

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Omnicodoro - Omnifocus, Coda, and Pomodoro
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