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Omnicodoro – QuickStart

Project and Task Tracking — Time Tracking (Pomodoros) — Repeating Tasks — Collapsible Nested Projects

This is a quickstart guide to get you using this template as quickly as possible. In this template, there are Tasks, Projects, and Pomodoros.
Go to the page, and define some of your own projects. Try playing with the existing ones, changing attributes, and adding your own.
Using the project status "Focus" and "Active" has special effects on this template. Try adding these statuses to a few of your projects.
Add some tasks under your projects by clicking the "+ ✔︎" button on a project. Define dates such as today and tomorrow, so you can see how the template works.
Go to the page to see how the "Focus" and "Active" status has affected the template. On this page, you can see your most important projects. Try adding a number to the "PD_Weekly" column (the furthest right in the Console Projects section), to set yourself a goal for the week.
Try clicking on the " ⏱" on either a Project or a Task, to see how it creates a new Pomodoro for that item. After it is created, add a number of Pomodoros to the new entry.
If this is a Project being displayed in the Projects section, you will see the progress bar respond to the new Pomodoros.

This template has many more features you can explore yourself of read about in the section. There is also an in-depth video explanation of this template here: . If you have any questions or comments regarding this template, feel free to ask them in . Good luck with the template!

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