Gamestorming - A Toolkit for Meetings

Gamestorming is a book and set of practices for facilitating innovation in the business world. This template helps meeting facilitators lead better meetings.

About this doc

Gamestorming collects and makes recipes of emerging methods and approaches to work that have been germinating since the 1970s and are deeply intertwined with the burgeoning Information Age. Meetings give us the opportunity for outcomes unique to any other form of work. Take time, add to it ideas and put smart people in a room to discuss them and you’ve created the conditions to produce wonderfully emergent, brilliantly innovative and contagiously creative ideas. Meetings inspire us when they work. Too often, they don’t.

Another hallmark of today’s dynamic work environment is the virtual workforce: the satellite office, the work-from-home colleague, the dev team in a different time zone. We need to virtualize the supply closet. In the same way Gamestorming codifies practices of varied origins and implementation, this Gamestorming toolkit Coda-fies them for virtual use, replete with gameboards, supplies and instructions.

This template was adapted from Gamestorming written in 2010 by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo. It contains over 10 “games” such as Post Up, Empathy Map, and Dot Voting to help your team and organization break down barriers, communicate better, and generate new ideas.

The games are categorized by 4 stages for running a good meeting:

  • Meeting Prep: Before the meeting starts…
  • Open: Broaden your view.
  • Explore: Illuminate and prioritize your team’s ideas.
  • Close: Move towards a conclusion or decision.

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Dave Mastronardi

CEO @ Gamestorming Group

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