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GTD: 6 Horizons of Focus by David Allen
"Work" can be viewed at different altitudes or horizons of focus. Use this template to frame your conversations, questions, and tasks to define your work.
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Defining work

Since “work” can be viewed from many different altitudes, knowing the right altitude of the conversation, task, or question is important to help you frame how you approach the work. Often times, you are not able to resolve an issue or complete a task if you are not viewing the item at the appropriate level. By defining your work along these six horizons, you can get a better grasp on the work to be done.

The six horizons and this template

As you add items, conversations, and questions to your list in this template, decide which horizon or altitude to best view the item. As you start classifying the items, you will begin to see the items fall into their respective horizons, giving you a better sense of how to mange your work.

The six horizons:

  1. Ground: Calendar actions - The ground floor. There is a large volume of next actions, e-mails, and calendar invites for you to organize. Try using the GTD template to help organize these items.
  2. Horizon 1: Projects - Anything that takes more than one next action to complete. Most people have between 30 and 100 projects.
  3. Horizon 2: Area of focus and accountability - At this horizon you define what your job is. New projects can be created and old projects are eliminated at this level.
  4. Horizon 3: One to two-year goals and objectives - What will your job look like in 12-18 months?
  5. Horizon 4: Three to five-year vision - At this level, the goals and directions of your larger team or company influence how you get your job done.
  6. Horizon 5: Purpose and principles - The ultimate “big picture” question to be answered. What is your purpose? What is the job and lifestyle you want?

Read more about the 6 Horizons of Focus here. Learn more about Getting Things Done on their website here.

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GTD: 6 Horizons of Focus by David Allen
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