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Conference Scheduler for Executive Assistants
This conference scheduler helps executive assistants organize and plan the events their business partners attend at conferences.
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This template gives executives you support an easy way to see all the events they can attend at a conference and shows them their schedule every day. If you are supporting an executive who is always on the go, this template will simplify your life by giving you and the executive one shared source of truth about the conference schedule. With this template, the executive can:

  • Get details about his hotel and flight bookings
  • Triage which events he or she wants to attend and puts them in the final itinerary
  • Provides a way for him or her to stay on top of his or her schedule for the day

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Product evangelist and solutions architect. Love building solutions to solve our users’ business problems!

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Coda is a new doc. It's kind of like Google docs meets Excel, except it can do magic tricks.
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Conference Scheduler for Executive Assistants
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