Coda doc by Rachel Manwill
Book & Reading Tracker by Book Riot
This book and reading tracker helps you filter, sort, and track all the books you reading and listening to. The Read Harder and Reading Women challenges from Book Riot are incorporated into this tracker as well.
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About this doc

This book tracker let’s you easily view all your books that you are reading and listening to. This tool is adapted from the Bigger, Badder 2019 Book Tracking Spreadsheet made by Rachel Manwill on Book Riot. This tool includes challenge trackers for Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge and the Reading Women challenge.

This book tracker includes all of the features from the book tracking spreadsheet and adds some additional functionality:

  • Add new genres, formats, sources, and more without needing to edit individual dropdowns in the master tracker
  • View all your books in an aesthetic catalog view
  • Dynamic stats on your reading progress

Meet Rachel Manwill

Rachel Manwill is a data-driven book nerd who has been writing for Book Riot since its launch in 2011 and spends a lot of time talking about books on the internet

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Book & Reading Tracker by Book Riot
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