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Book & Reading Tracker by Book Riot

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Book & Reading Tracker by Book Riot

This book and reading tracker helps you filter, sort, and track all the books you reading and listening to. The Read Harder and Reading Women challenges from Book Riot are incorporated into this tracker as well.

📚 Book & Reading Tracker by Book Riot


This tool is based on the on . This tool includes challenge trackers for Book Riot's and the .


1️⃣ Enter in your books on via the "Add A Book" button or enter the book in the (the two tables are linked). You can filter your books here as well.
2️⃣ See your book reading/listening stats on and the section.
3️⃣ To edit the dropdowns for things like Formats, Sources, and Genres, go to their respective tables in the DATA folder (e.g.
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