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Finding an apartment is a tough process and craigslist doesn’t make much easier. This doc helps you to organize your craigslist search by narrowing your search down according to location, price point, number of rooms, and more. Looking for a 1 bed, 1 bath in the San Francisco Mission under $3000 per month? Adjust the sliders in the main section, and click the magic “Search Craigslist” link. A map will open up, filtered down to all available listings matching your criteria. For this feature alone, people have called this doc “Craigslist, but on steroids.” If you find a listing you like, create a row for it in the **Add your Listing **table. Use the Link column for saving the URL of the listing so that you can always go back to it for more information. Finding apartment leases online should be the easy part and with Coda, it is.

The next step is to visit the property, talk to the landlord/management, and to take pictures. Coda has your back here too. With every listing you find, enter all the details relevant to you. We created some basic columns to get you started (like a column to track the listing’s contact info, price, and deposit) and you add columns relevant to your search. Coda shines for its flexibility. It’s easy to customize your statuses or adjust the amenities you are focusing on. If you’re the frugal type that want to minimize dollar per square foot, that calculated column is just a Coda formula away. This is your apartment we’re talking about, only you know what the most important factors are in your perfect home.

As you make progress in the search for your perfect home, the doc helps you compare all your options in a colorful Kanban card view, magically synced with your Listings table, unlike an Excel spreadsheet. As you make your calls and plan your visit, note it down in the Status column, or drag the card from one status to another, just like in Trello. You get a summary dashboard laying out which places you still need to followup with, which you’ve already visited, and which ones are already off the market. Making your final decision becomes painless as now all the information is laid out in front of you from number of bedrooms to any custom column personal to you. You can also sort your options by any columns you like, from rent to amenities to square feet. Spend less time organizing your apartment options and more time focusing on the factors that matter in your search.

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