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Wildcat Firewise Community

BECOME A RESILIENCE INFLUENCER: Please volunteer! Our resilience Teams are Forming. Please consider joining and/or helping coordinate the following teams/committees of neighbors helping neighbors.

What is a resilience team? Resilience team are groups of neighbors working together to enhance our resilience and response to disasters including fire, earthquake, wind and landslides. Neighbors helping Neighbors! We need your help to prepare and protect our neighborhood. We need members and coordinators for the teams: Please let us know your ideas, skills, and resources.TO HELP OR GET FURTHER INFORMATION: TO JOIN—PLEASE CONTACT
Firewise Resilience Teams
When does it meet?
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Emergency Radio Communication Team
Currently has 27 members who practice for disaster response in the event of loss of communication, blocked access and evacuation during fire and other disasters.
Tuesdays at 7 PM for 15-20 minute weekly drills and occasional simulation exercises.
Armando Picciotto ​
Fuel Reduction and Defensible Space Team
Volunteer team continuing fuel reduction and coordination with EBRPD and Kensington/El Cerrito Fire and the Diablo Firesafe Council. We need volunteers, including residents of Wildcat Firewise Community, friends, neighbors, adult children etc. We also need funding!
Regular weekend times will begin in later in September with meetings possibly on Saturday mornings or late Sunday afternoon— but some work can be done during the week once the volunteer is oriented.
Alan Siegel
We need volunteers to help with clearing fire prone brush and raising money for additional fire-related clearing, from Diablo Firesafe Council, Contra Costa County Measure X and private donations via go fund me or resident donations.
Evacuation Coordination Team
Evacuation readiness simulation practice drills, posting signs for red flag alerts and monitoring emergency alerts and Kensington and El Cerrito Fire meetings and drills.
September 9, 2023 at 9 AM—We held a simulated walk-through evacuation drill with help from fire officials and our local residents.
Alan Siegel. Pam Martin, Alice Chanowitz, Eric Olsen
Pam Martin, Alice Chanowitz. Eric Olsen and Alan Siegel will coordinate evacuation preparation including alternate evacuation sites.
Home Hardening Team
Providing our community with information (see educational resources), web links, podcasts. etc. on crucial steps for residents to consider, including Soffit and Foundation Vents, Metal Gutters, cleaning flammable items and foliage in the 0-5 foot zone and much more.
NEXT ZOOM MEETING TBD Late October or early November: Educational Links tab including:
Contact if interested.
Insurance Coverage and Cancellation Team
We have a small group looking into these issues. Coordinated by Tom Ayres of Kensington Road. Members include Alan Siegel, Pam Martin, and others.
Crucial information: Meetings will be occasional beginning in late July or early August.
Contact Tom Ayres to volunteer for this crucial information gathering project:
GOAL is to lobby/pressure PGE and politicians to cut all dangerous trees & replace old poles, using citizen pressure and potential legal action. Undergrounding is a possible long-term goal as well.
Hope to have first meeting early October.
Eric Olsen, Pam Martin, Raymond Roehl, Ann Manheimer, Alan Siegel
Raising funds, getting grants, for fuel reduction and tools for the zone east of homes in Wildcat Canyon, and many other crucial fire reduction projects.
We hope to obtain grants for fuel reduction from, Contra Costa Measure X, resident donations and other sources.
Need members and donations and help with grant writing. Contact
Medical Education and Preparation Team
Educational resources and occasional zoom or in-person trainings. Possibly obtain disaster medical supplies. Work with WECOM communication team.
Debbie Hamati
Quarterly Educational Zoom meetings with experts and discussion. Next meeting TBD Early November
Quarterly via Zoom TBD October or November. ZOOM LINK WILL BE SENT IN ADVANCE.
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