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Design Exercise

3 fun hours with pen, paper, and Figma
Prompt Analysis
🍞 Grocery Tracker
A company like Nest has invented a device that sits in your fridge and pantry and tells you its contents and dates of expiration. Design a mobile app to pair with this device to assist you when shopping for groceries.
Food! Why not?
Smart home bundle — imaging how people interact with technology in the future
Target pain points: food expirations, grocery list, unplanned buying
Mission: health & productivity
🏠 Virtual Host
A company like Airbnb has acquired a new technology that creates an on-site holographic virtual host. The virtual host can be directed to walk through and explain certain rooms and locations at the Airbnb site and to respond to particular phrases/questions spoken by guests. Design the mobile app that hosts use to program what the hologram should say and do in the on-site welcome experience.
Immersive experiences / projections?
2 stakeholders — Airbnb hosts and visitors
Pain points: little information
Concerns: introduces a fun experience but is it necessary?, market solutions exist (house visits, real estate, website format)
Mission: better travel experience
👩‍🏫 Learning Tool
You’re the Head of Design at an education startup. Your mission is to create an app that helps kids learn the basics of graphic design by teaching them how to create custom greeting cards. What is the learning tool you’d design?
Very specific goals & requirements
Educational purpose
Specific user population
There are no rows in this table

Market Research
What are some helpful/interesting solutions out there?
Smart home system — Camera, Doorbell, Displays, Thermostat, Wifi router, Speaker, Safety...
If the functionality to “tell the contents and dates of expiration” exists, it would likely be integrated with the cameras or displays to provide up-to-date information
Smart Refrigerators
Samsung Family Hub
Shopping list & expiration date tracking support Camera in fridge Alexa & Nest Built-in Entertainment features (e.g. music, Youtube) Whiteboard & calling
LG Smart Refrigerator
Supporting Nest & Wifi Remote app to control temperature & water
Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 07.40.15.png
Samsung Family Hub
Shopping list & expiration date tracking support
Camera in fridge
Alexa & Nest Built-in
Entertainment features (e.g. music, Youtube)
Whiteboard & calling

Grocery List Apps
Looks similar, functions similarly
Recipe based
Detailed categories
Need to manually add everything
IMG_7115 2.jpg
IMG_7116 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 10.42.34.png
Grocery Details
List items are shown in alphabetical order, and checked items would be moved to the bottom of the list.
Once the camera detects a grocery item that is in the list, the details of the item would be expanded to show existing items in fridge/pantry, purchase details, along with the recipes associated with the item to help make better purchasing decisions.
Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 10.54.27.png
Section Change & Overflow
Once the camera detects that you’re in another grocery section, the grocery list would be updated accordingly to match up with the section and show the new items you need to purchase
If there are more than 5 list items, the overflowing content would be collapsed at the bottom and the users can scroll down to see more
Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 10.55.05.png
Future Directions & Iterations
Finish the app with tradition list items view & recipes
Refine visual details (e.g. font sizes, margins and paddings, interactions)
Integration into existing products and/or ecosystems
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