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Overlay Design Questions
We looked at the design link you sent and the link to "Templates" showed video samples which were helpful but there was no actual template. Do you have a template that we should use?
All of the 360 video samples were square. Just want to confirm that we have the option of doing a full portrait (9:16) orientation as well. What are the file specs for both options?
We recommend 1080 x 1920 to accommodate 9:16 aspect ratio Overlay can be transparent .PNG or .mp4 alpha for a video overlay

UI & Experience Questions
-- Can we add a short disclaimer to the UI on the ipad prior to the guest entering their phone number? If so, can this be done with a check box to confirm consent?
Yes, you can add a custom disclaimer that the attendee will have to agree to before they can access the sharing options.

-- Can you send me a screenshot of the text with the video link that gets delivered to their device? Or, you can send me a sample to my phone: 301-547-5574.
Once we have a microsite / landing page selected & designed, the link will direct to that page. Until then, the link lands on a page with just the video (no sharing links) If you’d like, we can add a sample so you can see the flow.

-- What is the character limit for the text message?
120 characters, the link to the video will be appended to the end (see above)

-- Is there an immediate push to social option when they click the link to download the video?
-- What metrics or analytics (if any) are available? See below samples we have gotten from photo booth activations in other cities/other vendors to get a sense of what we're looking for.
Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 2.13.21 PM.png

-- Do you typically play music at the experience itself to help people get excited and into the experience?
We do not typically play music. Usually the 360 Activation is part of a larger event that includes music.
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