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Zavier's User Manual

A quick rundown on how I work and how I can best work with you. Hope you find this useful!

1. Qualities I value in people I work with

I love to be transparent and lay all my cards on the table for all parties to figure out the best possible moves. When people hide information or play games, I find it difficult to regulate what information to share which creates a game within a game making all our work lives harder...

My personal world view is that everyone is a work-in-progress and I find it extremely heartening when people I work with understands there might be not-so-good-day for everyone, even for the brightest. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember we are working together and not against each other.

Huge believer of minimum effort, maximum result. We are only limited by the number of hours in a day, I love to work with people who understands what they want to achieve out of the hours put in.

Giving Praises/Kudos
I value external validation as much as I do with internal validation. External validation helps to reenergize me when I’m running out of juice. I do this as much as I could when people are excelling in what they do
Pro-tip: If in-person is too awkward for you, you can also do it by recommending/endorsing some on their Linkedin!

2. What drives me nuts.

Lack of information
When a problem lands on my desk without any context. I find it frustrating when I have to go through the whole journey to get the same information when it could be communicated in a quick meeting. Again, efficiency... Let’s not OT, okay?

Condescending folks
Again, everyone is a WIP. Please be nice!!

Unnecessary Urgency
We all know the whole SAF “wait to rush, rush to wait” feeling. I find that people have difficulties identifying “urgent” or “important” tasks which results in triggering my short attention span and I’ll find myself distracted.

Unnecessary Process
I am used to the startup pace and doing things pretty quick and get my hands dirty to get some signals.

3. What are my honest unfiltered thoughts people should know

I constantly have imposter syndrome thoughts that I am doing something horribly wrong. I am very Asian and I hold myself to high standards so yeah..

I may look composed and calm but I actually have a lot anxious thoughts which results in me fidgeting very often.

I find myself interjecting a lot when I’m passionate about the discussion. I do not mean to interrupt but because I want to clarify my passing thoughts before the momentum runs out in the room.

I am very sensitive to people’s emotion and feelings where I find myself asking people around me how they are feeling or if they are affected by something. I do not mean to overstep my boundaries but I simply care too much to not ask.

4. How I enjoy work

Respect my time boundaries and I’ll respect yours. I love to solve problems and create value during working hours but I do not appreciate OT for no good reason. I love my family too much to spend another minute where I shouldn’t. I always try to be punctual so I hope the same for others.

5. How to best communicate with me

Quick/urgent thoughts
Slack or in-person
For something that requires more than 15mins
Google doc with context and action items. Let me know what is needed and how you can help me help you.

6. How I make decisions

Primary data that we can farm ourselves
Secondary data that we dig out or research on
Devil’s Advocate

7. How I like to receive feedbacks/give feedbacks

One-on-one feedback
The best type of feedback adds context as to what the person though the intentions were.
e.g - “I think you were trying to move a conversation along with A when you said “XYZ” but people A,B & C might have interpreted it as cutting off a good debate.
Quick discussion on creating action items to work on the feedbacks.
If you’re interested to learn more about me. Feel free to reach out & we can have a chat !
Email :
Linkedin : @zaviercjz
Instagram : @justzavier
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