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Hi! I'm Zavier!

Founder @ Bold Marketing & Co-founder @ SampleLah!

You might've landed here because we’ve met somewhere and now you want to know more about me. I love efficiency which is why I want to make it easy for you, so here’s a listicle on 8 Things You Should Know About Me.

1. What I’m good at

Marketing - Both creative and data-driven, from traditional marketing (e.g social marketing) to data-driven marketing (e.g growth hacking). I have created various viral works and accumulated over 20 million views
Growth Strategy - Engineering growth for early startups by creating virality
Content Strategy - Knowing what to put in your content to achieve your objective
Content Production - Writing, producing, and directing for video and editorial content

Business Development/Sales - Closing new sales and partnership channels (Over S$1 million dollars in marketing solution sold)
Pitching - Convincing stakeholders that your product is valuable/solves problems/etc...
Entrepreneurship - From problem identification to MVP building for validation and experimentation


2018, Champion - Shenzhen x SUSS Impact Startup Challenge (Hackathon)
2021, Finalist - Global Student Entrepreneur Award by Entrepreneur's Organization

2. Work I’ve done

More details on my .
Co-founder, of Strongsilvers (Sampling platform to help brands advertise to the 40+ demographic)
Founder, Bold Marketing (Creative Agency)
Entrepreneurship Trainer (Reactor School)
Content Strategy Lead, Vulcan Post (Business/Tech Publication)
Content Strategist, TheSmartLocal Media Group (Lifestyle/F&B/Female/News Publication)
Content Producer, Eloell (Meme Publication)
Freelance Marketing Strategist
Founder, Quikie (F&B startup that aims to provide convenience to customers while using environmentally friendly packaging)

3. What I value & believe in

Minimum Effort, Maximum Result (How I work)
Mamba Mentality (How I grow)
Creating things that people love (How I build things)
Life is a marathon of many short sprints (How I view life & how I tackle long runs)

If there’s nothing you take away from this, at least take away the mamba mentality & be a better version of yourself everyday

4. My personality type

Enneagram: 8w7, 832 (tri-type), 3w2 (instinctual variant)
Gallup Top 5 Strengths: Woo, Analytical, Includer, Command, Communications

5. My hobbies

Basketball (Looking for games? HMU and let’s sweat it out a session or two)
Hacking in hackathons
Currently learning more about programming with free courses online like CS50 from Harvard & FreeCodeCamps to become more of a technical marketer for hackathons

6. My Creative Side

I love expressing myself and here are some instances where I channel my creative side:

7. Projects I’m dabbling in

Wonderland - A Web3 Metaverse game that aims to solve the problem of NFT pricing
- Creating memes and comedic content
- Computer science course offered by Harvard University
- 300-hour course on front-end web design by FreeCodeCamp
(Do like, share & subscribe! 😉)

8. What people think of me

“Zavier is a responsible and capable individual who gives his best in everything he does. His outgoing personality makes him easy to interact and work with.” — LTC Loy Wee Jin, Deputy Commander, Signal Institute
“Zavier is an excellent content strategist. He is able to think on his feet and come up with creative ideas and solutions. He engages well with clients and is able to build a good rapport with them. His positive attitude and his ability to work well in a team makes him a true asset in any organisation!” — Raymund Wong, Account Manager at Rice Media
“Zavier is great at pushing the boundaries and thinking out of the box when it comes to ideation. He has a clear direction in his thought process. Great colleague!” — Wei Lun Lee, Senior Account Executive at Tag
“Zavier joined my team after switching departments to gain experience in a content strategy role. He adapted swiftly and learnt the new skills required, excelling and producing many viral content pieces. His ever-hungry attitude and thirst for improvement are a must-have in any team.” — Jereld Ang, Senior Content Strategist at The Smart Local
"I worked with Zavier within the Content Strategy team at The Smart Local and he showed promise in content production and ideation early on when he first joined the company despite him being in another role within a different department at that time. In my time at the company, Zavier had consistently pushed himself and was always seeking to improve on his own personal skills as well as his output of work and it's clear to me that he will do well within the industry.” — Nicholas Yeam, Executive Producer at Huge

Interested in any projects that I’m working on? Feel free to reach out & we can have a chat over coffee :)
Email :
Linkedin : @zaviercjz
Instagram : @justzavier
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