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Rethinking the Vaccine Registration Experience

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User Interviews

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🌐 Websites:

“We need one centralized website, that includes community clinics and Spanish language.”

“Navigating all of the links is too hard for older users.”

“I advise seniors to go to the LA County Dept. of public health website for more info.”

“Navigating all of the links is too hard for older users.”

“These websites are not cell phone friendly.”

“separate access to vaccines by community clinics, pharmacies and community orgs who can register on behalf of people who can't use the website.”

“Make sure that you do not need to visit two sites in order to get an appointment. Navigating all of the links is too hard for older users.”

📆 Appointment:

“I checked the county site, there were no appointments available there, but saw that there could be availability at pharmacies.”

“I had to go to each individual pharmacy store site until I found an opening.”

“She got an email from the county [about her eligibility]. She had to request to be notified.”

“You have to go to each store's website separately to check availability.”

“They need more people to answer phones for older people who cannot book online.”

“While some people are waiting for a person to pick up, other people are taking the appointments online.”

“You have to put in all of your information (name, address, insurance) before they show you if there are appointments.”

“She could not book or go to the site by herself, it was too confusing.”

🏪 Vaccine Sites:

“No one recorded I visited last Friday so I had to wait an extra hour while they completely re-registered us...”

“Patients there don't have internet access or have limited access, can't spend all day in the car (Dodger stadium).”

“There were no options for her to change location, date or time.”

“They automatically scheduled the same day and time as soon as she was eligible, 4 weeks out. No option to change.”

“They kept mixing up people in lines. At first we were mixed in with people on the waitlist and we were supposed to be priority.”

“It was a mess - there weren't any clear signs about where to go and where to line up.”

“Also they opened 1 hour late, they were supposed to open at 8 and they opened at 9am.”

💊 Second Dose:

“I scheduled it using my smart phone during the wait time for the first dose.”

“She was notified via text and email about the appointment for her second dose.”

“Her partner was notified that his 2nd dose will not be administered in time, due to the Midwest storms and vaccine shortage.”

“Make sure that there are enough doses for people to get their second dose while it's still within the maximum efficacy window.”

“She received an email that she should book a second appointment, which she forwarded to her daughter.”

“When I arrived to my second appointment it was a Friday, they ran out 20 people before me so I had to reschedule.”

“She could have booked her 2nd dose too soon had she not marked on her own calendar when to get the second dose.”

👵 Elderly:

“They need more people to answer phones for older people who cannot book online.”

“She found out from the news that she was eligible for the vaccine but was confused because in her county she was not yet eligible.”

“Visited County website several times a day for a week.”

“Booking an appointment for her non-tech savvy mom was a nightmare.”

“It took her and her brother to continuously searching the sites for a week and half to locate an appointment.”

“She was emphatic that her mom would never have been able to make an appointment alone.”

“Her mom is not even on a smartphone, so being asked to clink on a lot of links to access new pages would be very hard.”

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