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Travel Search Resources

Kayak generally shows the cheapest available flights for the US. Also has an app!
Skyscanner generally shows the cheapest available flights for the Europe and Australia. Also has an app!

Accommodation Search Resources

is a great resource for a wide variety of accommodations but usually works best for hotels. Tips: 1) Sort by user ratings to get leverage the review from past guests and 2) Stay above an 8.0 average rating to avoid sketchy places. Also has an app!
AirBnB often times can get you into more local neighborhoods and give you some better deals. Also, staying in shared spaces can lead to some good connections for local tips and even friendships. Do your research though and remember that pictures can be deceiving. Also has an app!
Hostelworld is pretty self-explanatory and great for backpacking. There are some awesome hostels out there and it’s a great way to meet people. Usually best for South America, Southeast Asia and Europe if you’re traveling on the cheap. Also has an app!

Helpful Travel Apps

Great app for logging all your expenses with a group of friends. Everyone adds their expenses and as the name mentioned, it splits it up for you allowing you to settle up at the end.
XE is the authority in currency. They also have a free app and offline access to see how much you’re spending!

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