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Alluvial Finance Reporting API Gap Analysis

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Alluvial Finance Rewards Reporting API Gap Analysis

A gap analysis for Alluvial Finance's Reporting API current and desired states
Current State
Desired State
Gap Description
Enhance Alluvial Finance Reporting API
Currently the provides the following methods:
List latest high-level protocol info
List high-level protocol info for a given date
List all platform fees for a given date
List platform operator fees for a given date
List rewards for a time period
List rewards by account for a secific date
Get rewards for a list of wallets on a specific date
Detailed Address Rewards/Transaction History (Similar to )
Get Balance of All Accounts
Get Balance of Account
Get Transactions (and rewards) of All Accounts
Get Transactions (and rewards) of Account
Validator Performance and SLA Metrics
to address assessment
Open API Standardization
The Alluvial Rewards Reporting API is currently at an MVP state giving customers the ability to perform very simple queries to rewards data for one or multiple wallets. That being said, there are many opportunities for enhancing the Reporting API.

The rewards reporting functionality is lacking the ability to list balance by node or all nodes, list the current balance of an address, list any transactions of an address, any sort of calculation of an rewards APR of an address, or any sort of specific, pre-defined report templates (think balance sheet/cash flow reports).
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