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Branding Design Requirement

Branding Design Requirement

Background information
Brand Name : Teahouse Finance
Field : Cryptocurrency, Defi (decentralized finance), Financial strategy, Dynamically
What is Teahouse Concept : , also as known as bubble tea. The tea can customized and so dose our strategies. Our strategies design from low risk to high risk and serve our customers.
What we do: We run Defi strategies that dynamically responds to market signals. Users can provide liquidity to earn fees and boost by rewards. The most important, we are honest, we only present the true data, real APY

Example slogan
Brewing Success — Effortless Liquidity Provision, Served by Teahouse
Sip, Invest, Repeat — Unleashing Liquidity Provision Potential with Teahouse
Steeped in Success — Teahouse's Liquidity Provision Strategies
Teahouse — Where Liquidity Provision Strategies are Brewed to Perfection
A Delicate Blend of Strategy and Profit: Teahouse's Liquidity Provision Strategies
Teahouse — Brewing Effortless Liquidity Provision Strategies Just for You
Diverse Tea Options, Limitless Potential — Teahouse's Effortless LP Strategy

Logo design criteria
a minimize Token icon with a font logo
截圖 2023-07-03 下午11.18.41.png

Clean and can minimized to display in small space

截圖 2023-07-03 下午11.19.35.png
截圖 2023-07-03 下午11.20.42.png

Example ( I like )

Example ( I don’t like )
To simple, to easy

Teahouse website

(The website will be revamp based on new logo)
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