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Branding Design Requirement

TeaRex Brand Design

Background information
Brand Name : TeaREX = Teahouse Reactive Liquidity Exchange
Field : Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Decentralize, Leverage
What is TeaREX concept A reactive liquidity exchange is a type of cryptocurrency trading platform that dynamically adjusts its liquidity pools based on market conditions and trading activity. This approach allows users to take long or short positions on cryptocurrencies with leverage, meaning they can trade with more money than they actually invest. The leverage is provided through margin trading, where traders borrow funds to increase their trading position, amplifying potential gains as well as risks. The exchange's reactive mechanism is designed to optimize liquidity provision, minimize slippage, and enhance price stability, thus providing a more efficient trading environment for users looking to capitalize on cryptocurrency price movements.

Example slogan
TeaRex: Amplify Your Crypto Trades, Ride the Market Waves!
Unlock the Power of Crypto with TeaRex: Dynamic Liquidity for Dynamic Trades.
TeaRex: Where Bold Traders Leverage Tomorrow's Opportunities Today.

Logo design criteria
a simple/clean minimize logo with elements/font
Clean and can minimized to display in small space (Header etc)

Stake-users can deposit assets as simple earn to get the profits based on APR
Trade (Long) -users can long assets by leverage it
Frame 48096028.png
Trade (Short) -users can sell assets by leverage it
Frame 48096030.png
Position -user can see the portfolio

Reference Exchange sites
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