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Before Check In

Welcome to our apartment! We hope you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask me, your host Oren. Thank you for choosing to stay with us!

Airbnb Address

No. 32, Aly. 37, Ln. 10, Fuxing 2nd Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City
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How to get here

From airport→ Take Airport MRT from A12 or A13 → A8 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
→ 10 mins Walk to Apartment

How to check-in

Here's how to access the apartment when I am unable to assist you in person. If you need to pick up the keys from our guard, please follow these steps:
First Door 第一道門:
Use the key fob at the gate to activate the sensor and open the door.
截圖 2024-05-05 上午11.53.07.png
截圖 2024-05-05 上午11.54.05.png

Turn Left 入門左轉到底:
Walk to the end of the hallway where you'll find the second door.
截圖 2024-05-05 上午11.56.47.png

Second Door 第二道門:
Again, use the key fob to activate the sensor and open the door.
截圖 2024-05-05 上午11.57.27.png

Third Door 第三道門:
This door usually does not require activation. If it is locked, please return to the second door and use the sensor again.

截圖 2024-05-05 上午11.57.55.png

Elevator 電梯:
Use the key fob on the elevator's sensor and proceed to the 7th floor.
截圖 2024-05-05 下午12.04.15.png

截圖 2024-05-05 下午12.04.29.png

Parking Place

Per day : 80 NTD
Per hour : 20 NTD

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