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Project Brief Overview

A template that combines a written overview of your project with a structured table of tasks your team needs to complete. The tasks table can be viewed by team and person.


1️⃣ Begin writing details about your project in this section.
2️⃣ Add tasks to the master tasks table on the
3️⃣ See team-level tasks on the , , and sections (feel free to make your own!).
4️⃣ Write how you plan to get launch your project in and a once the project is complete.


Concise explanation of the idea (ideally include a rough sketch)


How does this initiative tie to broader team or company goals?


What's the underlying problem we've observed? Key examples to demonstrate?
How will this create value for our customers?

User-based job or tasks

What should customer be able to do when this initiative is 'done?'
What job do we think we're solving?


Can we validate or benchmark early in the process?
How are you going to test that we've enabled the user to do X?


What are the related goals we could do but are not going to?

Time & Budget

How long will this take? What resources will this take?


Who are the people in the company that you should look to for guidance or feedback?
How will you engage them in what you're building?
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