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Task Manager Hub Template

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Welcome to Task Manager Hub

A framework for planning and tracking project tasks and time

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Welcome to this “Task Manager” doc.

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Your interest in our co-work is encouraging, your unconventional way of thinking is delightful. You are outstanding.

We are , a consultancy firm based in Germany. Our current focus is on expanding into the Asian market and we have initiated a preliminary project as part of our go-to-market strategy. To increase productivity, we have implemented the OKR tool and assigned tasks to our co-workers for a period of three months. This approach allows them to concentrate on their work while simultaneously tracking their progress and increasing efficiency.

How to use this doc for your productivity?

Planning and Tracking

Your objectives and Key results in the
Your work time in the
Your tasks by Key results type in the

Patterns for efficiency

Pick up your tasks from according to your OKR plan
Create your all task automatically in

Organize your resources

Collect your knowledge and insights in the
for references later or in teams

Setup and customize this doc

Once you customize the doc, it will run on autopilot. But it needs to know a few things about you first.

Set up your task types

In the Page, you can add the types of tasks you have in each OKR type. Add one task per row. For example, for a Key result type.

Make it yours

Feel free to add pages to organize your thoughts. I have a page where I keep all the template I need.
When you’re ready, you can delete this page

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