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September 25, 2017
@FAQs drafted
not started - needed to kick off last week, switched to 'Urgent'
Testing facility for
@2nd round testing
different than first - need to switch b/c first is being used by someone else
Second facility similar but will has additional hurdles (curbs, moving objects, etc.)
Better realistic scenario so team agreed switch is fine and in line with progress anyway
Some press inquires about success rate of 1st round - Lola handling for now, may need to escalate to Sara
September 18, 2017
Deep dive into
@1st round testing
results - overall positive, but need to reduce error factor by 50% in next
Calibration may reveal some errors in test design
September 11, 2017
@Draft interaction design sketch
in good shape - Lola signed off
Team feeling good overall - a lot to get done, but we can do it!
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