Industrial design team

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Lola Tseudonym
Goal/Design Principles
Create a stroller that can withstand rough terrain and heavy use
Design a stroller that parents are proud to push & aligns to their personal brand, and makes their baby feel empowered
Use strong shapes to convey power and smart technology
In Scope / Out of Scope
Stroller Structure
3 wheel structure to prevent overturns
Easy Grip, adjustable handles]
Dyson-roller ball design not feasible
Interchangeable handles (will be good for accessories release)

Charging Experience
Charging jack must be covered to negate water damage
Charging cables need to be able to handle long range
Can charge off of car cigarette lighter
No wireless / ring charging - batteries can't fully charge by this method

We want this baby to feel empowered for a world that operates on gadgets
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