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Know which features to prioritize with a feature market analysis template

Copy this template certified by Product School to analyze the features your competitors are building to help you prioritize

What is a feature market analysis template?

A feature market analysis template helps you understand what features your competitors have built to help you prioritize your product roadmap. The goal of this template is to help you build features that will differentiate you from your competitors so that more customers will flock to your product. Your sales and marketing team will also have an advantage over your competition because they can position your product or startup differently from the competition.
Use this Feature Market Analysis template

How to use this feature market analysis template

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List our your competitors in
Write the market comparison between each competitor in
Focus on a specific product feature and compare with your competitors in
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Why you should use this feature market analysis template

Instead of doing a feature market analysis in Google Docs or Google Sheets, this template is broken out into individual steps for you and your team to follow. You’re not writing paragraphs and paragraphs of content in a Google Doc or getting lost in a spreadsheet. As your team collaborates in real-time on this template, you’ll start to see the ways you can differentiate your startup from the competition.


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