Multi-agent models

Comparison to making decisions in a team.
Diff arguments, diff perspectives.
Wanna first hear everyone out.
Making decisions with logic is like making decisions as manager. Sure, very smart. But team is on the ground, has bad feeling about shipping sth.
Managers can be fooled by sophistry. Teams will not.

Conversely, teams will not grasp complex counter intuitive plays. Managers might. E.g. GR.

here tho, your team is the stakeholder itself. The thing to keep happy. I certainly hope the manager doesn't only think of himself, because only he can talk to the outside world.
Manager is verbal loop. Others whisper ideas inside his head.
He doesn't know. Once we become aware, still can't just turn around.
Naming fears, becoming aware of them.

Wondered where thoughts come from? You suddenly remember? Have got to height of arrogance to not question what is going on. "You" as you think of yourself are only a tiny part of you.

Anyway, channeling intuition is like getting people to speak. Kind of an art. Depends on skill eliciting reactions before.

Why body mind? Because connected. Face emotions example. So sometimes calming body calms mind and vice versa. The body is an interface to your mind, not just the other way around.

Inside Out lol. Except they're not smart. You wanna elicit everyone.

Anyway, imagine each team member being only about their argument. After heAring everulme and majority says X, still is like but Y? Ideally, after hearing, they still agree Y is valid but agree X makes sense.
Or even if they still think Z, then based on other people wanting, trust. Versus sinking ship.
If they think sinking ship, then keep stressed. This is when you have nagging concern

To make them talk to each other, difficult. Can't just command, gotta sync up.
Annoying? Welcome to your mind.

You can't just command your muscles to grow, fat to metabolise. Gotta run, manipulate. Same way.

To be fancy, try nedera process.

You would just decide as a manager, right? You'd consult your team right? They're not always right, but they have intuition. And ultimately, it's for them and you. Maybe better to think as a family.
If you were thinking about moving countries, you'd ask your family right?

When you decide, you're like proposer, and inside there's a network that decides how done you are and settled you feel. But you don't realise.

For rigiorus understanding of multiGent, resd this lw series by Kaj Sotala

We may already have “made the decision” in terms of varying between 55±10% on it. Sure, it dips to 45%, but definitely above.
The thing is if we rush to quickly to one side, the other side comes roaring, so the value goes back down. “But what about?” Because those team members injecting something in the discussion. “But what about?”
Team analogy again!!!

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