Decisions without Suffering

The pain-free, meta-rational approach to decision-making.

Alternative titles for this book:

Decisions for the Indecisive
: towards a more decisive, less regretful you
Felt Decisions
beyond “what does your gut say?”
Why decision-making hurts
, and what to do about it

Many books
will teach you to make better decisions.

This one
will teach you to be

What does it mean to be decisive?

Whet your appetite with:

Why it’s painful for you pick colleges, leave jobs, or pick out a set of earrings.
In short:
confused stances

Less confused relationships with decision-making.
Enlightenment for your decisions.

Why bother improving?

. . .

. . . to feel out any decision.

The “correct” way to think about decision-making, nebulosity, and your mind

Making decisions in groups, in decision logs, and more.

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Who am I?

Are you selling snake oil? This conviction seems fake/dangerous to me.

What’s with the compass?

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