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AB Jarvis

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Development Overview

Objective: An algorithm must be made which would serve as the backbone of inventory for Ellementry which would enable the buying team to make real time and quick desicisons. It should address the following concerns, listed below are the inputs which can be provided and the output which is expected.
Features Plan
Desired Results
Executional Functionality
Inventory Forcecasting
Based on known trends and patterns and the current sales, the algorithm should suggest what and how much inventory is required for the next 3 months
Stock Consumption (SKU Sold), Current Warehouse inventory, Lots, Future and excuted orders
How much quantity needs to be reordered and when should it be placed. What is the maxiumum delay which is feasible. What lot size needs to be split into
Categorise Products as seasonal, all year, best sellers, new, trendy
Average product & overall category sales month wise
Add marketing notes as efforts to track products been pushed and not organic sales for better recommendations
Formula-lise share of revenue vs storage occupancy
Define safety and max stock levels in units and value

Test Product List
Product Tags
Average product sales
Average category sales
Order Management
The algorithm should be able to suggest which orders can be cancelled which arise from delay in production.
All channel net sales, Current WH inventory, Current pending orders, Volumetric Size and Global units available, Hypotherical Units
When ever a product's sell through has dropped and the order is getting delayed, the alogrithm should be able to suggest if we can cancel the order
Sale API needed
Warehouse Master
Product Master with storage location
Product storage size in Product master
Define average expected shipping time
Define expected sales, average sales
Define product sales & marketing turn around periods
Status Tracking
The alogrithm should be albe to notify us when the status can be modified.
Sales and Launch Date
Based on a fixed time frame, status tracking and suggestion on changing status should be displayed, from New Arrival to Regular or Discontinued, Regular to Discontinued, etc.
API from magento for status change
Status change in jarvis, actioning team to change / push products accordingly
Product Push Alerts
The alogrithm should be albe to notify us when a products starts slowing down
Holding Inventory/ Average Inventory, Average Sales
When the holding inventory is steadily increasing, the system should send a signal to prompt us to push the particular product
List of triggers for notifications
List of users that need to be notified
List of escalation notifications & users
GRN alerts
The algorithm should notify us when to slow down or fast track GRN based on available inventory
Moving averages
If the sales have slowed down, the alogrithm should notify us to slow down the GRN
Historical data for averages
Clearly defined sales expectations
List of triggers
Production orders and expected delivery dates
Warehouse Management
Visualise occupancy and state of goods for better decision making in stocking and re -ordering
Warehouse locations, spaces, product sizes & lots
Identify old stock, overstocking, under stocking and suggest best space utilisation
Warehouse size
Defined space size
Define lot size in quantity
Trigger occupancy %
Average holding period per product cateogry
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Other Notes:
Common base parameters : SKU, MRP, MRQ, MRT, Volumetric Size of Individual SKUs Capacity mapping from the factory Exception : Suggested quantity vs MOQ. Exception : Rustic sage sales. Do not consider just a fixed time frame flat.

Need to define Lot Size, pullable through API, PO tracker, WH volumetric space, Ordering excess or shortage, Snapshot.
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