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A guide to turning Web elements into a Figma document

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A guide to turning Web elements into a Figma

Dear product managers and those who intend to become one. I am glad to present you my guide to creating fixes based on our already implemented web design and creating new products using ready-made other people's products on the web. There are many uses for this tutorial, it just depends on your imagination and Figma skills. It's time to forget about the endless search for our old documents in figma and not waste a lot of time that could be spent on something necessary.
The essence of the method is that we will take ready-made elements on web pages and transfer them to figma without having original documents with this design. What to do with them further depends only on you. I am confident that this guide will help to maximize our site and save a tremendous amount of time.
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For many months, or even years, our team has been faced with the problems of implementing new features into our existing projects. There is always a problem with finding our ready-made documents and we had to go to the designer, spending his time on small changes, sometimes it came to a complete redrawing of the interface due to its absence, and this wasted a lot of time that could be devoted to something more important. Now anyone reading this article can forget about it, because all we need is this:
2 minutes of time

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