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Earn Big : Join Arvin Affiliate Program

Seize the ChatGPT opportunity and maximize your earnings!

Arvin is a Chrome extension with a built-in Prompts tool that allows users to easily use ChatGPT on any website. To learn more, visit .
We are running an affiliate program to encourage more people to use AI in their work.
Boost your passive income today!

Boost your passive income today!

The program is simple:

We'll pay you 30% commission for every purchase made using your affiliate link.
Use these templates xxxxx to talk about Arvin on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube or any other platform and share your link. That’s it.
Did you ask, What will be the results?
One Twitter influencer Hasan Toor, suggested his experience with Arvin in one of his tweets which is viewed by over 10.5k+ folks. If he were on our affiliate program, he would've made hundreds of dollars for his tweet.

Arvin is loved and used by 1.5K+ folks in last 30 days!

Come join this fastest growing family and earn big!

Boost your passive income today!

Quick Checklist to get started

Step 1: Create your Affiliate Partner Account 🎉
Step 2: to connect your payment method 🎉🎉
Step 3: Create & Customize your affiliate link 🎉
Step 4. Gather your marketing materials.
We want to make your job super-easy, so we've created a just for you! 🧙‍♂️
Inside, you'll find all sorts of goodies to help you promote Arvin - from official logos and marketing emails to awesome social media posts and more! 🚀 Simply head on over to your affiliate dashboard and click on the "Assets" tab in the side bar to access the marketing materials. 🌟 Let's make promoting Arvin a breeze together! 💪
You can use the provided marketing assets or create your own using Arvin! He’s really good at creating self-promotional material 😍
Step 5. Share with your friends and followers
The easiest place to start is to post first on Twitter and LinkedIn! Once you build some momentum, then promote on your YouTube or Podcast, and email your list. Click here to get the social media/ email templates Promote Arvin easy breezy.
Do not forget to tag Arvin on social media, Twitter- @tryarvin LinkedIn- @arvin Youtube- @tryarvin
Step 6. Join the Merlin Discord community
Get quick support, engage with other users & have fun!
Step 7. See your success on your Tapfilliate Dashboard
We use a platform called Tapfilliate to track and manage our affiliate program.
and see all the leads and sales that have come from your affiliate link, plus the commissions that are coming your way 🤑🧙‍♂️
Step 8. Payout details
Approval of referrals will be done on weekly basis. Minimum payout for affiliates is $100 Payout will be done on monthly basis.

For any query or support reach out at

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