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Disaster Box

"Disaster Box" works like a disaster detection box. You can bring it into forest or any difficultly accessing area. It has ability to detect many natural disaster by many sensors. This project can solve an unexpected natural disaster that can be harmful effect to our life and property.
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Disaster Box is equipped with sensors to detect natural disaster
BMP085 is used to detect the air pressure
ZX-MQ2 is used to detect any type of smoke and gas
DHT11 is used to read temperature
YF-S201C is used to read rate of water flow
Soil moisture sensor is used to detect soil moisture


Our website is a web application, better using for watching in one page in a whole day.
In the first page is showing all of the information needed
Air Pressure
Water Flow
Soil Moisture

In the second page also shows the graphs which are recorded all of information real time.


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