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Chat with Gemini from the comfort of your documents.
, your all-in-one solution for seamlessly integrating functionalities into your Coda documents. With Gems, you can effortlessly incorporate Gemini's powerful features directly into your workflow, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

🌈 Key Features

Streamlined Integration: Easily connect Gemini API functionalities, including the latest , with your Coda documents, simplifying complex processes.
Effortless Text Generation: Utilize the GeminiGenerateText formula to generate text from text-only input, providing quick and accurate descriptions, summaries, and insights.
Enhanced Multimodal Capabilities: Take advantage of multimodal text and image input using the GeminiGenerateText formula with the gemini-pro-vision model parameter, allowing for comprehensive analysis and interpretation.
Interactive Conversations: Engage in multi-turn conversations directly within your Coda documents using the GeminiChat formula, fostering collaboration and facilitating decision-making processes.
Advanced Functionality: Explore advanced use cases such as embeddings token counts, enabling in-depth analysis and customization tailored to your specific needs.
With Gems, the possibilities are endless. Seamlessly integrate Gemini's cutting-edge capabilities into your Coda documents and unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation.

🍃 Set up your Document

Copy this doc to your Coda Workspace →
Copy this doc
Brand new, fresh dough Coda user? You will need to create a new account first.
Generate your API key
Once you’re logged in, click “Generate API key”.
Screenshot from 2024-04-17 18-38-11.png
Copy it.
Search for the “gems” pack under your document settings and add it to your document.
Use your api key when using the formulas:
Screenshot from 2024-04-19 10-17-18.png

🔯 Examples

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