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Sales Tax Nexus

Running an e-commerce business in the United States? Use this Coda doc to discover in which states you need to pay sales tax.


Use this doc to identify the states where your company has passed the sales tax nexus threshold.
E-commerce companies operating in the United States have a sales tax obligation if the business reaches a certain level of economic activity in a given state. This doc helps a small business discover if the threshold of economic activity has been reached in each state.
Compare your company’s aggregate sales data (including revenue totals and transaction counts per state) with state thresholds. Then, easily identify the states where you’ve reached economic nexus..
Each state's laws are constantly changing, so be sure to check the for updates often. Every time a requirement in is updated, that change will also flow through to .


: this is where the tax regulations are stored. You'll need to update it manually as the regulations change.
: net sales data and number of transactions for each store, by month and by state.
: main section of the document - this is where the "Reached Nexus" information is shown.
: states where you owe sales tax.
: link for the Avalara website and a map explaining the sales tax differences by state.

Note: this doc is not intended to provide legal or tax advice.

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