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College Planner Template

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About this template!

Use this template to make sure you fulfill all your requirements for college!

Preparing for college can be especially overwhelming for high school students.
A college planner is a helpful tool for high school students who are considering attending college in the future. By using a college planner, students can keep track of important deadlines such as college applications, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid. Using a college planner can ultimately increase a student's chances of being accepted into their desired college and receiving financial aid. It can also help students make informed decisions about their college choices by keeping all relevant information in one place and allowing them to compare schools side-by-side. Overall, using a college planner is a valuable tool for high school students who are serious about pursuing higher education.
This template serves as a college planner and uses AI to easily access broad information about colleges. Using AI to help with the research portion allows students to easily compare and narrow down colleges to allow for more time in other aspects of the college admissions process.

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