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Food Attempts
Attempt Nickname
What recipe(s)
Notes from attempt
Did I make it right
Time spent
Notes for future attempts
Bernais super duper
This was really nice and easy to get good. Can use normal cooking pans instead of any special bowls. Very important with water bath and not touching things. Just follow the receipe and tweak a bit based on the future attemps notes
20 mins
Its worth testing a bit less vinagrette, or using a sweeter white wine. Also worth thinking about a bit less estragon. And dont reduce it too much, keep some liquid left
Whole chicken dinner
🐓 Whole Chicken
This was really nice to go with a frozen chicken. It was succsesfull and much easier than having to defrost before cooking. Basically put it frozen whole into the oven follow the receipts
3 hrs
Remember to move around temperature measurer, because it can trick you when the frozen center takes a bit more time. Remember to turn down the oven after the time inside the recipe. Consider doing lower heat for a while, to turn up then turn down again.
Palma fårikållag
A bit stressfull to have too much in the gryter. DO alot less so I can have 2 layers in a gryte and it is not overflowing.
2 hrs 30 mins
Dont overfill the “gryter”. Test out beer instead of water as Sandvik suggests. Dont need 4KG potatoes, used only 1/3 on 8 people. People taste themselves. Continue with the lemon
Felles fårikål
Cant remember, but it was good
3 hrs
Remember to let people salt for themselves
Røke laks pasta
It was a good taste, maybe a bit to bitter with to much lemon. But it was a nice way to do pastawater and philadelphia cheese. Have to consider what other tastes might have helped the overall situation. But it started to turn out a pasta dish I could enjoy.
20 mins
Try to use less lemon. Find that one ingredient that might make this into the bomb. See what the recipees use
Smudi lagis påleggi
I struggled a bit with getting the consistency right. It said kvarg, I used sæterrømme. I also mixed a bit too much sæterrømme and mayo Ithink. I need to mix the core ingrediens ant also run the lags and stuff through a food processor, its better with smaller pieces

Første forsøk ble fail! Ble for tynt, smaken var fortsatt OK, men ble suppe framfor en smørbar masse.
Dreit meg også ut med å prøve å helle i maisena stivelse for å få det stivt, som var en bommert.
Jeg kan kanskje prøve mindre av rømme og majones og mer fisk.
Kjøre fisken i en foodprosesser, sånn man bruker for å lage guac.
Også røre inn forsiktig det som trengs av rømme og majones til ejg finner riktig god konsistens. Det høres ut som et godt alternativ.
Start med fisk å legg på de andre til jeg får en god konsistens.
Uten sukker.
Så ta fisk og det aller fugktigste å blande det med sennep og majones, for å så røre forsiktig inn pisket sæterrømme?
10 mins
Visp the sæterømme by itself. Run the laks in the food processer(stavmikser) with other fluids. Try adding sæterrømme on a need to have basis and not as THE base. See notes for further thoughts. Left a long summary.
Superkjapp frokost
🥖 Enkle Rundstykker
It was easy but have yet to get it to grow because of the yeast. Not sure what we are missing. So need to get something going so it sets of the growing part. From the two attempts that was not different, we did not see any growth in the bread. First time we can have used old yeast. Secondtime we did slow growing in the fridge. So need to try to add more and make sure the stuff we use is functional
1 hr
Need to try to add more yeast maybe and make sure the yeasy we use is functional. Need to make sure we are abel to get it to grow
Kragerø rekesalat
🦐 Hjemmelaget rekesalat
Ble veldig god smak, sitronen og pepper var veldig godt! Reddikene gav et god touch. Men mye mer smak en vanlig rekesalat Det som tar lang tid var rekeskrellingen, det ble også veldig godt fordi det var ferske reker
15 mins
Ikke mye som er verdt å endre på, men funker som en god base
Pizza på hytta
Pizza på grill med steinplate
Følg oppskriften og det blir bra! Så unngår man også potensielt ødelagt bunn.
1 hr
Følg med på forstekingen så man ikke steker for mye
Social summer dinner at home
🥗 Sommer salat med fårekjøtt
🍨 Eton Mess
It was easy to make, tastes really good and light! It takes time to cut everything The dessert was also super easy to make. Took 5 min at it was ready!
30 mins
Consider how much meat you need, and maybe cut down on the salad. As this attempt showcased that the meat went first, and people would love more if possible! Consider to have more ice cream next time, since we were 10 people and it was like one scoop each
Duck duck good!
🦆 Duck with vegetables and organge sauce
The way i noted down to make it was a good way of doing things. Sauce ended up good, the vegtables was good. Could have tried to get the meat a bit reder.
45 days
Try to get the duck a bit rawer. Try to get the skin more crusty. Avoid boost when cooking. Maybe the iron skillet is better for this?
First ramen ever
🍜 Ramen
Tasted good, but need to spend more time on the broth
30 mins
Find big noodles, spend some time and look for inspiration on perfecting the broth.
Summer brusbollekake
Great stuff, just follow the recipe. Everyone enjoyed it. But think of the notes for future attempts
2 hrs
Need to remember that they do grow a lot! So make the pieces on the plate smaller. Maybe a bit less orange peel, I took the whole two oranges. Cook them long enough so they dont become doughy. Put some egg on the top to make the glossy
Wrap magico
🌮 Ceviche wrap
Keep it simple and clean with ingredients! Remember to have some time to let the fish “cook” in the lime and oil mix. Suggested ingredients, cucumber, some onion type, something sweet such as mango, and cream fraiche
1 hr
Keep it simple and clean with ingredients! Remember to have some time to let the fish “cook” in the lime and oil mix. Suggested ingredients, cucumber, some onion type, something sweet such as mango, and cream fraiche
First time veggie nuggets
🍤 Veggie Roast Nuggets
It was good! Struggled to get the mixture firm enough form nuggets, but after som Oats and Fiberhusk, we got it firm enough. So think about that when doing this. They were best after put into oven, good an roasted. Might be nice if one really fries things, like an air fryer.
2 hrs
Take most of the nuggets in the oven for a while. Try to use a stavmikser instead of a blender as it might be easier to get that firm doguh to work with
Finse asian spagetti
🍜 Asian Peanut noodles
Really good, added some chicken minced meat and spring onion on top. The chicken minced meat was cooked with ginger and spring onion. Did not have sesame oil, so would be interesting to see how it is
20 mins
Add something good ontop, try to use the right asian ingredients
Cabin, runny, shepards pie
🐏 Shepards Pie
It was good taste, but a bit runny. Less water in the broth, and less milk in the mash. But nice with cheese on top and choice of vegetables
1 hr
Less water in broth and less milk in mash. Need to be less runny.
Mountain poke with lob nob
🐠Hawaiian Poke
We were missing some ingredients, and used lob knobs as the main source. We made a really good chilli mayo ourselves. Just pure chilli, honey, white wine vineagar, lime and some salt. It turned out fine! Other than that we had the vegetables
30 mins
Risotto goes really fast if you dont care to much about following the explanation. It becomes a bit aldente, but really good!
Glaze glaze ribbe
Asian style Ribbe
We remove the “svor” this time, which was very nice! We did let it roast for a lot longer! It was pretty good! The glaze was a bit better this time, but still not that sirupy way. I want to continue doing this style, long term cooking, without the high heat cooking Rice and salad was great! Tried to “sylte” some red cabbage, need more time on that!
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-22 at 21.38.31.jpeg
7 hrs
Consider doing long cooking. Add more sugar to get a better syrup glaze.
Asian ribbe Julefest
Asian style Ribbe
Gikk veldig bra, må bare dempe smaken litt. Ble salat og ris til Fikk ikke svoren til. Glaze må lages på lav varme Kan man glaze over 7 timer med lav varme. Også fyre opp svoren helt på slutten? Med brenner?
4 hrs
Glaze må lages på lav varme Kan man glaze over 7 timer med lav varme. Også fyre opp svoren helt på slutten? Med brenner?
Overdue chicken tikka
🍗 Chicken Tikka Masala
It went well, but ended up overcooking the chicken a bit. Also it was a bit spicy, so a bit less kajenepepper next time. The timing was not optimal. I need to start the sauce earlier, also making the dough earlier. So I can let things rise and simmer for longer Other than that it was a good attempttp
2 hrs
Find a better timing than this attempt. The rice stood too long, and the chicken got overcooked. I need to start the sauce earlier, also making the dough earlier. So I can let things rise and simmer for longer
Thai chicken soup from scratch
Thai chicken soup
It was a nice attempt, worth spicing up the curry paste a bit, because that is what provides much of the taste. It was pretty straigforward, nice with cooked chicken. Had to add soy and lime on the end to get som extra taste
20 mins
Need to look into the curry paste. Need to consider what adds more flavour. Maybe add soy in the base as it is really tasty
First time curry burry, was red
Curry paste (Green & Red)
Did a really random version, based of the inspo 2 version in the recipe. Droppped the Norwegian one as it was really really heavy duty. Compared to the green store bought thing, mine is much less salty and more taste. But might not add as much taste as it has like a salsa feel to it, meaning milder, but still a good first shot Worth bringing in the shrimp paste, or dried shrimp thing mentioned in inspo 1. Or even try to make it again with some fish sauce, might be a good replacement for now. Lemongrass, I need to find lemongrass. Also, to be hones I made red curry paste with red bell pepper and red chillis :P But followed a green thing. Until next time!
10 mins
Include lemongrass, some fishy stuff as shrimp paste or fish sauce. It might be important base for the soup to get that taste that did not really kick inn. Try to use green ingredients for a green version.
Ponzo me
Ponzo saus/Sashimi dipping sauce
Just follow the ingredients and mix it, it was nessecary with the sweetener, or it was not as good
5 mins
Double check other recipes for inspiration
First time ceviche
🐡 Ceviche
This is a great thing to eat! Had 2/3 of a salma 260g piece of kveite, with bones and skin. A pack of lob knobs Marinated in olive oil, lime juice, lemon squeezy juice, chilli, spring onion, pepper and salt. About 5cl oil, 5cl lemon juice and 3 lime juices. Let it stay in the fridge for about 2-3 hours. Used cucumber, mango, tomatoes in the cevice itself. Added red onion and crispy corns on the side to add yourself. Then had nacho chips and sourdoug bread pieces on the side.
3 hrs
Consider adding some more spicy taste. Maybe some “eddik” in the marinade for a bit more taste. A lot use garlic, and coriander, so need to find some replacements. Consider adding “kamskjell” and maybe use “torsk” instead of boney kveite.
Mountain Chicken Tikka Masala
🍗 Chicken Tikka Masala
🥯Nan bread (Sourdough)
Marinated it without paprika powder, but looks and smells nice still. Will see how the rest goes. The sauce was followed pretty much as is. But did not have that much spring onion and had no paprika powder. I also did do extra a out of ginger all the way. Turned out nice. For nan i followed it pretty much, but: Doubled the yoghurt A bit more sourdoug A bit more milk Raita: I had everything except mint. Think that can add a nice taste to the mix. Instead of cherry tomato I added a spoon tomato puree which was nice
4 hrs
Adding some extra ginger was nice. Paprika powder can be a good mix as well, but did not have it now. I want to try to mix the cream and sour cream to the tomato spice mix before the chicken is added. Think that can be nice. Other than that it went pretty well.
Mountain Dumplings
Need to make them smaller, ended up rolling to big once Have a more stretchy dough, maybe using tipoo 1? The fillings was nice, consider to have less cabbage Sesame oil is important! The dipping sauce is important Fresh fish was not a winner in them
1 hr
Need to make them smaller, ended up rolling too big once Have a more stretchy dough, maybe using tipoo 1?
First time nannanana batman
🥯Nan bread (Sourdough)
I had to rise a bit shorter than the recipe tells. I did about 1-1.5 hours. Even added baking powder and salt late in to the mix, after it had been rising for 30 minutes. But it worked out fine. Had a bit much dough per bread, but still tasted good! Worth doing again
2 hrs
Try to let it rise longer. Try to make each bread smaller and thinner. Find a nice place to add spice for some interesting flavors, maybe during kneeding.
First time garam masala
Garam Masala
Was a bit afraid to get the cinnamon stick crushed, but ended up heating everything a bit, dont think that helped in any way, but did it after all. Then I ran it all in the blender and cleaned the spice with a “sil” afterwards. Worked pretty well Dont know if it tastes correct or if it has any issues blending it or something, but it looks fine!
10 mins
Nothing special
Red fish soup with home made fish broth
Did go very well. Fry all vegetables suitable for frying. Mix in the puree. Boil the white wine or vinagreatte. Add the potatoes and paprika. Add the fish fond mixture and fish
40 mins
Should pre boil the potatoes. And not boil them in the soup. Should not use whole pepper corns!! It does not add much taste value.
Amazing fish broth
🐡 Fish broth mostly shrimp
It was a simple and easy thing to try out. Fried all the vegetables, then added some tomato purre. Then added white wine vineager mixed with water. Then the fish rests and cooking that for a bit. Then the water to boil It smelled baaaad! But the result was good
3 hrs
Find a way to make it smell lessss!
Splendid mushroom pasta
🍄 Mushroom cheese bacon pasta
It was quite simple to do. Did not do exactly what they did. Cooked in the pan in this order. Bacon Mushrooms Spring Onion A mix of water and white wine vinegear if you dont have a white wine Cream Then when just warming, add pasta and cheeses. Keep the pasta cooking water to adjust the thinkness of the cheese and pasta.
25 mins
Just follow the recipe. Consider trying with proper white wine. It was best with forrest mushrooms, used kantarell, pigg sopp, and skrubb. Not the best with box mushrooms.
Kragerø Burger Outside sunny
🐥Kylling burger med jordbær salsa
Well done. Not any special notices. No special additions. Just follow recipe. Beetroot was good to.
40 mins
Follow recipe!
Danish poke
🐠Hawaiian Poke
Did not find very nice salmon, so tried with tuna and kreps. It worked well. I also used risotto this time, and that was very good and creamy. Worth continuing. I used a mix of water and orange juice, but its fun to experiment different fluids to cook into the risotto rice. No need to use any wine or anything. I think the most important thing is getting the rice good, having some good vegetables and getting them cold Then mixing a good chilli mayo that you turn around with the vegetables.
40 mins
Risotto is nice, continue with that. Chilli mayo can be made out of anything fluid chilli and mayo Taste the chilli mayo to not make it too hot too handle. Its better to have less than more Cut the sweet peas into 3 pieces to maximize the value of it
Beef Stew and Nockedeli
🐮Beef stew
🥐Nokedli or Fresh pasta balls/dumplings
This is a great combo, for the beef stew it was amazing, it is a great way to make food long roasted like this. The nokedlig is amazing, its a better faster version of fresh pasta
4 hrs
Beefstew: not much that can go wrong, try not to add kålrabi Nokdeli: Keep the water boiling at high tempratures, if not it just get stuck in the pan
Lamb broth from easter lamb
🍲🐑Lamb & Herb broth
It was ok to make. Never really sure what was the right amount and attempt at cooking down. So I did some extra cooking the last part of the making and suddenly it was very little fluids. Meaning it was quite thick, but not sure if it is enought or what. Many uncertainties that needs to be tested
9 hrs
Its worth reading a bit more on how to cook down and what is the expected result. Prepare to freeze most of it as you will probably not use it. Have enought plastic ice cube trays for freezing what you end up with
Breaktfast at the cabin
🍳Turkish Eggs
It was easy to poche the egg, it was nice with the paprika butter. And the yoghurtmix was super nice as well!
20 mins
Maybe try to cooke the butter a little less and be careful with the salt
Successfull easter lamb
🐑Helstekt lammelår med fløtegratinerte poteter
Tried this for easter 2020, it was really nice and successful at first attempt. Worth doing again. This was really nice and self made food is always great!
3 hrs
Possible to experiment with some more spices or something for the lamb itself
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