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Want to make more good food?
Want to have control over your recipes?
Want to make sure you improve on the recipes?
This doc was made exactly for that!
I was tired of not having a place where I use my recipes. I felt I did not have room to improve on my recipes, because my attempts was not explicit. I wanted it all to be more data driven so it was possible for me to gradually make the best recipe I was able to make.
Now I’m sharing this with you, so you also can go ahead and get the joy of cooking back into your life.

How it works

First of all, you need to start adding data to your tool. See page below. This page works as your daily page to fill in data, and it should be easy to use to quickly fill in what you need to fill in for both recipe and attempts.
NB! There are hidden columns, and they are on purpose. Because they auto populate when adding attempts of that particular recipe. This is an important notice because there is a missing feature where I initially want to have specific views on particular places where the data is referenced. This is currently not possible to in Coda. I have an open discussion around that.
Go to to add a new recipe.
If you dont have time to fill out everything, you can just head over to to fill it out later
An important notice, by adding ingredients, and labels for type, it allows us to build more value around our data. See next section on how it can work and what is currently in place.

We want to make food

We want to make food and improve on our recipe.
So now you can either go to to look at what you have.
Go to to get a random suggestion if you just want something.
Or make views like
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where you can sort out those Easter or Christmas dinners you have saved!

You have chosen a recipe and made the food

This is a crucial step for the flow of improvment. Also so you can make some statistics for your recipes. Because we want to track if things are good, if we make it correctly and notes and thoughts for attempts.
Filling out an attempt is thought to be simple.
We can fill out thoughts about the attempt, and notes that we want to remember.
We can also fill out particular notes that we want to bring along to the recipe. This is important to emphazise on what you want to change on your next attempt!
When you choose a recipe for an attempt, you connect it to that recipe. And when it is connected, the score you give that attempt, will be calulated into an average for that recipe. Notes you also give as bring along to the next recipe, will be connected.

Thats it!

Together we can find ways to use this and expand on this docs value. Let me know if you have any suggestions!



Our attempt at 2020 was this:
The good once are represented above

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