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VOLTA Operating System
The Growth Coaching team is responsible for ensuring that Volta's resident companies are optimally supported throughout their journey as part of the Volta community. The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) takes the lead in coordinating with independently contracted Growth Coaches, who are responsible for meeting with teams on a 4-6 week basis to provide growth support.

Focus Areas:
During the growth meetings, the Growth Coaches focus on the following areas:
Runway: Ensuring that the startup has enough runway to sustain its growth trajectory
Value Engine Review: Reviewing targets versus actuals for the key Value Engine Metrics
Current Priority Challenges: Identifying the current challenges that the startup is facing and prioritizing them
Milestone Review and Setting: Reviewing 30/60/90 day milestones and setting new ones for the coming months
Action Item Setting: Setting action items for the support team to help the startup overcome its challenges and reach its milestones
Additional Support: Noting anything else that has been discussed and that Volta could support with.
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