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Introduction | Subscription Tracker + Notification

Introducing Subscription Tracker with Discord Notifications. Effortlessly manage subscriptions, track renewal dates, monitor payment methods, and track spending for better financial decisions.
This Subscription Tracker + Discord Notifications document will empower you to be more informed about your subscription spending and make better financial decisions.
Start by adding your own payment methods, subscription types (Business or Personal), tags, charging cycles, and, if needed, statuses on the DB Reference page (do not forget to modify conditional formatting accordingly to your changes).
Do not forget on the DB Subscriptions page to modify button settings: for Discord buttons, add your own Discord channel web-hook where you want to receive reminders. If needed, install the FREE Discord pack:

You do not have to use Discord; if you prefer Slack or Gmail, it can easily work with this document, but you would have to install those packs as well as add all the necessary columns to make it work.
Once the pack is installed, and you have modified the DB Reference page with your own information, start adding subscriptions on the Active page. It is important to have most fields completed for automations and the whole tracking system to work. So feel free to play around with all data and see how it works.
The subscription date changes automatically (via button + automation) depending on your cycle (monthly/yearly). Feel free to modify the automation and choose your own time zone (currently EDT).
You will mark Paused/Inactive subscriptions from your Active Page. Note that if the subscription has Auto-Renewal turned off, and the due date has passed, the automation will automatically change the status from Active to Inactive and send you a Discord message.
To delete a subscription completely (it is recommended for Active, Paused & Inactive pages to be locked for deleting rows but only modify), change the Status to Blank or make the subscription Name Blank, and it will appear under the Clean-Up Blank page where your page settings should allow deletion.
In summary, this subscription tracker will make your tracking easy by having all subscriptions organized and sending you Discord reminders: 3 days before renewal, on the day of renewal, 3 days before expiration (auto-renewal is off), and on the day of expiration (auto-renewal is off).
Feel free to modify the document as much as you like for your own workflow with additional automations, data, charts, etc.

To remove all sample subscriptions, use the button below.
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