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Introduction | Birthday Tracker + AI Wish Generator + Discord Notification

Introducing Birthday Tracker + AI Wish Generator + Discord Notification. Seamlessly keep tabs on upcoming birthdays, receive reminders, and craft AI-generated birthday wishes effortlessly.
This document empowers you to never forget any birthdays, whether of friends, family, coworkers, or others. Begin by entering a new birthday on the "All Birthdays" page, providing all necessary details. The "Date of Birth" refers to the actual birth date (with age calculated from it). In some cases, you might only know the month and day, and not the exact year. In such instances, you can still track it by entering it in the "Next Birthday" field (days until the birthday are based on this).
The automation system will automatically adjust the date once each birthday has passed (at 12 AM). Feel free to modify the timezone and any automations to suit your needs.
On the "DB Birthdays" page, remember to adjust button settings. For Discord buttons, insert your own channel web-hook where you wish to receive reminders. You can also modify the reminder timeframe. Currently, reminders are sent on the birthday itself, and for those you've favorited, they're sent 3 days prior. This is particularly useful for those close to you, allowing you to prepare in advance – even for gift shopping. If necessary, feel free to install the FREE Discord pack.

You aren't restricted to using Discord alone; if you prefer Slack or Gmail, this document can seamlessly integrate with those platforms. However, you'll need to install the corresponding packs and add necessary columns to enable this functionality.
To completely remove a birthday (recommended for the "All Birthdays" page to have row deletion locked and only allow additions/modifications), simply set the "Name" or "Next Birthday" field to "Blank". This action will transfer the entry to the "Clean-Up Blank" page, where your page settings should permit deletion.
Within the Dashboard, you'll find today's birthdays listed, and you can generate personalized birthday wishes for those celebrating today. The AI considers various details (such as Gender, Relationship, Age, Month and Day for Zodiac) to create relevant birthday wishes. You can also choose the desired language for the wish and provide style/tone inputs like "funny poem," "Snoop Dog," "Eminem," "sarcastic," "Bugs Bunny," or any other descriptive cues.
In summary, this birthday tracker facilitates effortless monitoring of all birthdays, ensuring no one is forgotten by sending timely reminders. The AI generator assists in crafting creative and fitting birthday wishes within seconds.
Feel free to modify the document to suit your requirements, adding extra fields, links, formulas, charts, packs, and more. Your customization options are practically limitless.

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