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Velocity Method

Velocity Method

Phase 1: 3-Year Vision

Step 1: Your Vision

Desired Results (financial, personal, customer, etc.)
Heart-Felt Vision
Measures of Success
Level 1 KSMs (industry-specific metrics)
Business Priorities
Generic List
Priority Planning
Deliverables and Measurements
Risks and Blindspots
Required Resources

Step 2: Value Proposition

Competitor Identification
Value Curve
Value Proposition
Who and What
3 Whys

Step 3: Business Plan

Key Success Measures
Key Activities
Required Resources


Desired Results
Value Prop
Business Priorities
Business Capabilities Matrix

Phase 2: Quarterly Planning

Step 1: Quarterly Review

Review Scorecard and Results
Review Priorities and Accomplishments
Review Value Prop, Objectives, and Required Capabilities
Has anything changed inside or outside the business so that we should change our Value Proposition or Business Objectives?
Do we need new or improved Capabilities?

Step 2: Quarterly Objectives

Translate desired annual results into this quarterly results
Create scorecard from KSMs
Quarterly Initiatives - translate annual priorities into Quarterly Initiatives
Deliverables (do these Deliverables directly impact the Initiative?)

Step 3: Initiative Planning

Required Resources
Risks and Blindspots
Action Steps


Desired Results
13-Week Scorecard

Phase 3: Weekly Execution

Step 1: Review and MVP

Update Scorecard
Review prior week
Groundhog Week: If you could relive the past week a thousand times, what would perfect execution have looked like?
Obstacles: What were the biggest obstacles to perfect execution?
Double-Down: What worked so well this past week that you should double-down on?
Determine MVP - Most Velocity Priority
Obstacle Elimination: For any obstacles that are big or recurring, brainstorm things you could to do eliminate them from happening again.
Double-Down: For any things you should double-down on, brainstorm processes you could put in place to ensure they keep happening.
Initiatives: For any Quarterly Initiatives, brainstorm tasks you must do this week.
MVP: Choose one MVP from the identified tasks.

Step 2: Plan the Week

Query the Calendar
Time is your inventory
What shouldn’t on your calendar?
What should be on your calendar, but isn’t?
Prep time
travel time
meetings committed to but never scheduled?
transition time between types of work
recurring events you don’t have in your calendar
Flex time - unknown, unplanned work
Optimal arrangement
consolidate similar types of work
When EXACTLY will the MVP get done?
Calendar Landmines - anticipate and eliminate
Did calendar review unearth some hidden tasks? Add to task list
Triage Task List - Someday Tasks v Now Tasks
Project Tasks
Go through all your projects and add any new tasks or update due dates/status for existing tasks
Review All Tasks
Is it related to the MVP?
Yes - stay on Now list
No - move to next question
Is it incredibly time sensitive?
Yes - keep on Now list
No - move to next question
Can I ADDD this task? (Automate, Delegate, Defer, Delete)
Automate - figure out how to automate it
Delegate - Delegate to someone else
Defer - move to Someday list
Delete - delete it from task list
No - move to next question
Need more info to make it actionable?
Yes - ask for more info
Time Block - Calendarize the task list
Put in the good stuff first - personal, health
Stack in the Deep Work
Key Activities
Tasks from Initiatives
Put in Flex Time for UUWs (Unplanned Work)
Stuff shallow stuff into the cracks
Evaluate and adjust
Get creative - ways to meet your and others needs
Negotiate - renegotiate deadlines, scope, or appointments
Accept reality - you can’t get everything done
Push tasks to next week, next month, or Someday

Step 3: Execute the Plan

Re-evaluate each day - Progress toward MVP
Fight UUWs
Does the UUW have to do with MVP?
Do it!
Is there a negative consequence if you don’t get it done right away?
Yes - do it
No - go to next step
Negotiate - push deadline or scope
Force yourself to do it during Flex time
Put it on calendar
Eliminate Distractions
Stop Distracting Yourself
Open calendar and look at today schedule
add up all the open and flex time
Lay out one sticky note per hour of availability
Write most essential tasks on sticky notes
Order the sticky notes in order of importance
Set a 50 minute timer
Turn off distractions
Reward yourself!
Block External Distractions
Create a communication policy


Obstacles | Remedies
Double-Down | Processes
Initiatives | Tasks

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