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Ever Legion Notes

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Ever Legion Notes

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@Aww’s Guide (from



An unskippable ~5 min introduction will teach you the basic mechanics of the game.
➔ You’ll then be taken to the Tavern where you can summon 10x heroes.
Start on the Newest Sever (Optional)
New servers are usually created every 3-4 days at 12AM UTC time.
Daily tasks and missions also reset at this time.

Starter Heroes

In early game, the best hero to start investing resources into is Th’londrir.
All heroes can be ascended to Elite+.
BUT only ascend 1x hero beyond Legendary at a time per faction until they are at least Epic.
I advise against rushing heroes to Mythical, it can be more important to save fodder so that we ascend the right heroes first.


The first carry should be Katerina until you get one of the below.
The best carry heroes are Keelia and Mawi.
Kulgaz is also a decent option.
Level only 1x hero from the above, whoever is ascended the highest at the time.
They should be Lv. 80 when your other 4 heroes are still Lv. 1... (and then up to 40 levels ahead from Lv. 81 onward)
Reset as often as needed at the Dock to switch levels around your heroes, it's free to do so.
Katerina can be taken to Legendary+ as she's an uncommon hero that can be used as food later.
When the opportunity arises, ascend either Keelia, Kulgaz or Mawi to Legendary.
Do not ascend further until absolutely necessary (when you have reached the level cap).
We need to see what copies the game gives us before deciding who the 1st hero we take to Mythical in the Ardent faction will be.
You'll need a total of 8x copies to take a hero to Mythical.
We can also begin ascending Genevieve for Illuminated and Blodeuweth for Eternal.
We get our first copy of Th’londrir for free when he drops in the tavern pool around Day 22.
Th’londrir will be the 1st hero we take to Mythical in the Vitalus faction.

Recommend Investment

: Signature 30
and First Talent (303)
Make sure you set aside 220 Gray and 240 Yellow Rune Stones for him before leveling the below
: Signature 10
Soulstrike Crossbow

Supporting Heroes

In Season 2, the following heroes are important
You'll want to try your best to get at least 1 copy of Vivienne (If you've saved a lot of conjuring scrolls you can try get her at the Day 32: Dune Dynasty event, but it'll be safer to save for the Day 55: Fantastic Five event where you'll have more scrolls and increased chances)
Yelina will be the 2nd hero that would be good to prioritise in Illuminated faction.
1 copy of Esia and Arnoth will also be useful but not mandatory unless super competitive.

Who should I seer for?

until they are Mythical
P2W: Gaian or Mythia

Good Heroes to have in Wellspring

Ardent: Grukzag, Kulgaz
Eternal: Arawn, Maeve, Malakith
Illuminated: Alexandria, Anne, Brenia, Constanza
Vitalus: Cruban, Elyarill
Annointed/Deific: Leuka, Theadril

Soulstone Wishlist

Hero soulstones can be obtained through smelting Alchemical Solvents. These can be used to unlock Hero talents.
3 soulstones = Talent 1
9 soulstones = Talent 2
This is also commonly referred to as +3 and +9
Important heroes that will need their Second Talent +9
9 soulstones can take a while to accumulate, so it's best to only have 2-3 of them on your wishlist at a time.
Melial, Yelina, Yunalesca: They also need their sg30
Mythia: Starts working at lower investment, but will ultimately need to be maxed.
Vivienne: Works at low investments, but becomes incrementally stronger with more investment.
Important heroes that will need their First Talent +3 but also good to keep building to +9.
This is optional... I personally opted to get more heroes their +3.
Gaian, Th’londrir: Will also need their sg30
Other heroes that want their First Talent
They can be removed from the wishlist once they get it.
Excessium, Genevieve, Keelia, Phalanx, Wadjetta
Raa Kanu?
Once you've completed the First Talents above, you can try get these heroes their +3
Add them in order of who is closest to Epic.
Blodeuweth, Kulgaz, Iyathill
There are other heroes worth getting or need their talents, but their build priority are lower until you get well into end game
Aravis, Elyarill, Globnik, Heinrich, Nefertari
Other P2W heroes who need +9
Aeyastra, Eudos
Who do I prioritise?
Whether you're F2P or P2W, the best heroes to focus on for PVE early/mid game will be similar.
Priority 1 +3: Th’londrir
+3: Excessium, Phalanx, Wadjetta
+9: Melial, Mythia, Yelina
Priority 2
+3: Gaian
+3: Genevieve, Keelia, Iyathill
+9: Yunalesca

Expedition Plaza

You must obtain all the Books/Talismans for specific Lorebooks to unlock different boosts.
Book of Truths (3x Books)
Increases Patrol Rewards by 10%
Parchment Talisman (8x Talisman)
Reduces stamina required to capture tiles by 20%

Market & What to Buy

Cosmic Harmony

Found in: Chapel / Cosmic Harmony


Cosmic Harmony is made up of 2 equally important things that boost all your heroes attributes and skills:
Constellations which boost attributes (Uses Chaos Dust)
Skills which gives hero classes special skills (Uses Chaos Stones)


For all constellations, always level the ATK and ATK% nodes first until they are capped out.
Constellation limits can only be increased by ascending more heroes.
Your main source of Chaos Dust/Stones will be from Dragon's Abyss and Chaos Rift.
Constellations and skills can be reset at any time for 100 diamonds, so it's not a big deal if you have it set up wrong.


Th’londrir is a Ranger, so we want to ensure that we focus more on the Ranger tree
Upgrade the 1st Skill: Assassin's Touch to Lv. 1 (Unlocks after you've invested 20 points)
Upgrade the 2nd Skill: Carpe Diem to Lv. 1 (Unlocks at 40 points)
Upgrade the 1st Skill: Assassin's Touch to Lv. 2 (Unlocks at 80 points)
You'll find that you will hit the constellation point limit quite frequently, so it's advisable to spend any excess resources on the Mage tree
Upgrade the 2nd Skill: Supreme Sorcery to Lv. 1 *(Unlocks at 40 points)*

End Goal

Once you reach Chapter 31-4 and Tower 400+, your Th’londrir has done his job.
He is still extremely important for progression, but continuing to focus heavily into the Ranger tree needs to be considered case by case.
It is now recommended to start investing more of your points into the Mage tree as your 2nd/3rd/4th DPS will all be mages.
This switch becomes important for Faction Tower.
It will be covered in a different guide, but focus mainly on upgrading the 2nd Skill: Supreme Sorcery


Cosmic Harmony skills

Holy Crowns

Holy Crown infographic

Recommended Crowns

The Spirit of Blasphey
Once you reach a certain power deficit (the difference in power between your team and the enemies), the optimal choice would be to equip this 4-piece set.
This stops your heroes from being killed instantly.
It hopefully helps your heroes survive long enough to fire off their ultimate and contribute to the battle.

Crowns to increase damage

The Mind of Wisdom (MOW)
Great to increase your DPS heroes damage if they have ample support to help keep them alive (and there are heroes providing CC on your team).
Works really well on Th'londrir and Vivienne
The Hand of Fortune (HOF)
Great to increase your DPS heroes damage in Boss content as they are typically being fed a constant source of energy.
Blodeuweth, Iyathill, Leolas, Melial, Yelina...
The Purging Flame (PF)
If the DPS Hero also has a naturally high crit rate, this is also a comparable option to increase their damage in Boss content.
Blodeuweth, Melial, Yelina...

Situational Crowns

Crown of Immortality (COI)
Good on heroes who help regenerate energy.
Alexandria, Aylwyn, Esia, Arnoth...

Practical experiments and conclusions (by @Freya)

Hero with big burst dmg and high energy do better with HOF
If it doesn't have energy support/regeneration, PF is better all the time
PF do better EVERYTIME (even on full energy rate) for heroes that hit fast, rely on normal atk/normal skill, have very frequent damage tick, have fairly high critical rate, and doesn't have fast energy regen (eg. Gar'zak, Arnoth...)

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