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community science
wrt grassroots programming
The human heart is a soil for divine blessings, which grow with practice, eg the practice of kindness can increase one’s capacity to be kind. Each time a person expresses that blessing, it matures within them.
that which is heavenly in human beings”⁴ can be collectively expressed in grassroots programming¹, and each expression can bring a community nearer to it’s “paradise” ⁵. We can study Baha’i programming in Philly from within, and log it’s expressions as codes, which we can use to train a set of perceptrons.
From the learned structure of the perceptrons, we can make a map ¹ to study how the characteristics of programming relate to growth, eg it’s feedback loops, oscillations, complexity, and equilibrium.

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foot notes :
⁰ Individuals, families, and institutions are generators of configurations of themselves as some group, using the capacities in the sequence to generate some possible community in the set. they autogenerate!
¹ “ He has in every epoch cast on the mirror of creation new and wonderful configurations.”
¹ “the Bahá’í world underwent a transformation that endowed it with an undreamed-of capacity to learn, to grow, and to serve humanity
² “organic is organized” - Counselor Rosenberg
³ a unity is an autopoietic* entities which can be simple or composite, with some invariant organization and a changing , unfolding structure. In cpu, it means that u generates p, which in turn generates u.
⁴ a rhizome is a Deleuzian structure capable of self healing.
⁵ unfolding refers to the process of structure preserving transformations.
⁴ “Whoso possesseth power over anything
must elevate it to its uttermost perfection
that it not be deprived of its own paradise.
- the Báb
⁵ evolutionary characteristics : “that which is heavenly” is the set of things that helped collective life to evolve in size and complexity (unity), eg justice and love: “The only emotion that expands intelligence is love ... intelligence has to do with the acceptance of the legitimacy of the other and the expansion of the possibility for consensuality.” - maturana ( cybernetics ) Requisite for a program to evolve.
* “It is through the workings of these elements of an intensified individual and collective transformation that the size of the community is increasing.” - Universal House of Justice
“controller" has requisite variety - that is, has the capacity to maintain the outcomes of a
situation within a target set of desirable states - if and only if it has the capacity to produce
responses to all those disturbances that are likely to take the outcomes out of the target set.” - ashby
“ The T- and V-machines are what we would now call neural nets: the T-machine collects data on the state of the factory and its environment and translates them into meaningful form. The V- machine reverses the operation, issuing commands for action in the spaces of s1, s2, etc “ - pickering on beer
... this crystal representeth the paradise of the stone whereof its substance is composed.
Likewise there are various stages in the paradise for the crystal itself…
add weather , school, etc factors? EG community factors?
, ⁰ ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸
, ₀ ₁ ₂ ₃ ₄ ₅ ₆ ₇ ₈
ŷ γ ε μ ζ α Θ ⊆
We can search for super-additive groupings ie α( μ ) + α( μ ) < α( μ μ ).

characteristic roots of trees
For each expression p@tₙ(...(u)= p@t₀(u)= u, there is some characteristic root¹ λ, a deep structure, describing the invariant properties of u. Each λ is computed using a dimension reduction algorithm².
think of compilers
say prayer : )
báb means “gate” or “portal” in Arabic.
Outside of a prison in Tehran where the Báb was being held by the clergy, the people celebrated the appearance of “new Quran”.
The Bayan is the “Mother Book” of the Báb.
The poetess Tahirih, Quddus
The Bab’s revealed Verses have deep structure.

wrt the Dawn of a new Day
In 1844, 18 seekers independently identified a young merchant named Ali-Muhammad to be the Báb. Some learned in dreams, others through meeting Him; one even identified Him by the way He walked. The Báb would speak in a kind of divine verse similar to the Qur’an, which would transform the hearer. The seekers became Babis, and began teaching and learning the Bayan, the Mother Book of the Báb.
wrt the Teachings of the Bab
The Bab taught
wrt the Teachings of Baha’u’llah
2 years after the Báb’s martyrdom in 1850, in a prison in Tehran, under the weight of heavy chains, a young Babi nobleman who was known as Baha’u’llah began speaking Words, even more luminous than those of the Bab, which had the effect of bringing those who heard into unity.
wrt the Teachings of Abdu’l-Baha
Today, those words are being used by communities all over the world, to regenerate through unity with the Words of Baha’u’llah.
Emerging patterns of community life must be characterized by a spirit of service and love for humanity. If they do not have these characteristics, they cannot be said to be said to be evolutionary in nature.
wrt the Formative Age

wrt the Institute Process

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