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vue app

If you would like to examine the code, the router.js is in /frontend (selectable under the title of this page), while the component and view .js files are in frontend/components and frontend/views
The task for the Vue app was to display small Pokedex app. Here is a screenshot of my app, which you would be able to see after cloning my code, and starting the backend and the frontend:
And this is the List view of that same page, with the same Pokemon favorited:
Here is if “mew” is searched:

I did not get the sound to work yet, though I think it shouldn’t be too different from the way the images were set up.
If I had more time, I would have definitely used Vuex. I read a little about it, and it certainly would have helped me keep my code tighter.
I haven’t yet written tests, but can do so. Busy week!

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