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The Python samples folder includes a simplified (but recent) full stack app as well as some Python samples taken from lessons from materials for the neighborhood coding program I started.
The full stack app is highlighted because it’s end to end, and includes React, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Pandas, RDS, and Tensorflow, all connected to form an app to help social workers input data and generate reports supported with machine-learning, in an effort to better predict risk-factors for children.
The python samples highlighted were selected because of conversations I’ve had with the both of you over the last week. I’ve never refactored Qiskit, only implemented it; I thought this would be a fun project. The React app was meant to be a template for youth in my community with little coding experience, and the Tensorflow models were chosen because they are cool and one of them (YOLOv3) I have used on a job, doing image recognition for an urban planning group in my city of Philadelphia.
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