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Books are amazing, aren't they? They're a time machine to the past, a portal to another world, and at their best, a revelation about someone else—or yourself. We read them, we live them, we breathe them.
I just love books but, if you are anything like me, you have read a lot of books but you have probably forgotten the vast majority of the stuff that you’ve read and probably haven’t applied it to your life the way you would have liked. I have read so many books that I needed a way to manage them all! And that's why I created the Personal Book Library - a personal knowledge hub, designed like a modular dashboard system.
Here, you'll be able to organize your books by category: fiction/non-fiction, mystery/thriller/romance/horror... whatever you like! You can create and manage book (for when you read reviews or someone raves about a book and you want something to look forward to), as well as (so you remember how much you loved it!).
Whatever your reading style is, your personal Book Library will help you find a home for all of your books and make sure that none of them are forgotten in the shuffle of life.

I am so happy you signed up for this. Now make sure you use it!

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